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The 1:1 Strategy Session is designed for creatives who want guidance and direction on the back end of their business, and then to take it and implement it themselves. From identifying useful tools, to creating automations, to troubleshooting issues in your workflow, I am here to help!

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Who is this for?

playing it SMALL in your life and business? You're ready for major growth.

are you sick of...

that you're constantly overwhelmed and weighed down by busyness?

do you find...

to feel the freedom to ACTUALLY relax? To find some form of balance?

do you want...


"I wish I would've hired Cait a long time ago! Having her take care of my workflow systems and get everything running for me has saved me so much time! Now, my clients are getting their questions answered before they even have time to ask! I finally feel like I'm organized and have a handle on my upcoming clients, instead of taking it one week at a time and panicking because I realized I still hadn't sent them that outfit guide, or any other info for their session. It was well worth the money spent!"

- Ashtyn


"My time spent inside of Dubsado has been cut down by more than half and I haven't even implemented everything"

"I can finally relax. Cait knows what she's doing. My time spent inside of Dubsado has been cut down by more than half and I haven't even implemented everything she has set up for me. My business is now able to run itself. She is thorough she takes the time to really know your business. [I was afraid of] still having to do a ton of work to make Dubsado work for my business. I actually haven't opened dubsado in two days as opposed to spending hours in it daily. It's set up now to work on its own."


Venue Owner

"reach out to Cait if you're looking to finally get your business automated without the headache of figuring it out on your own. Cait will save you time and frustration."

I highly recommend Cait to help you get organized, streamline your business processes, and provide an elevated experience to your clients. Cait was nice, funny, and fun to work with. She was professional and worked quickly. I'd say she over delivered in terms of speed. She handled everything, it really was a full-service client experience for me to work with her - I knew from her own process that she would make sure my clients were taken care of. And she did. Very happy client!


Professional Career coach


"Working with Cait was so good for me--she helped me organize my business, work to my strengths, and she made my business stronger. [Before Cait,] I had no idea wtf I was doing. My systems were messy, I couldn't track client payments, and I struggled to onboard new clients successfully. Dude, you've got to work with Cait! She's a genius with online systems and she'll work magic on your workflow."



"Cait knows Dubsado like the back of her hand...  I never would have gotten to this level of automation on my own."

"Cait knows Dubsado like the back of her hand. She is super helpful and knowledgeable about what things can be done (or can't) and how to set things up in the most efficient way. I wasn't utilizing Dubsado workflows to their full potential and was overwhelmed with the idea of trying to set it all up myself. I did watch some Dubsado tutorials so I had an idea of what I needed but I never would have gotten to this level of automation on my own."



 I could not recommend her more, she is definitely the person you need to help make your business thrive! 

"She’s like the fairy god mother of Dubsado setup that you never knew you needed! She is so generous and understanding, and makes her clients feel heard and supported throughout the process and afterwards! I could not recommend her more, she is definitely the person you need to help make your business thrive! Her attention to detail! She made me even aware of things I had no idea about. "


portrait photographer

"Cait came through with every promise she made leaving nothing to be questioned. Cait is worth every dime and then some!" 

"My biggest fear was that, many vendors say they will give you the keys to the kingdom, but they end up giving you a key that doesn't fit anything. Cait came through with every promise she made leaving nothing to be questioned. Cait is a rare gem who not only does what she says she's going to do, but so much more. She goes above and beyond exceeding any expectations. Cait is worth every dime and then some!"



"Cait was able to help guide me through Dubsado when I felt completely overwhelmed and ready to give up. After her help, I had the most successful year I have ever had."

"I'm so thankful for Cait! She completely changed the way I operate my business. She was able to help guide me through Dubsado when I felt completely overwhelmed ready to give up. After her help,  I had the most successful year I have ever had. She is a wealth of knowledge & took her time to help me navigate Dubsado and truly learn it!  I'm so happy I invested in Cait. I highly recommend working with her, she is a lifesaver! "



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They love it, & so will you!

You keep finding yourself frustrated at a lack of consistency in your client experience.

Stop spinning yourself 'round in circles

You've sat down to map out your workflow a thousand times. You think, "today will be different. I'm going to get this thing DONE." You pour yourself a steaming hot cup of coffee in your favorite girl-power mug, sit down at your desk, grab your favorite pen, open your trusty notebook,
your mind goes as blank as the sheet of paper you're staring at.

Sister, it doesn't have to be this way.

Imagine what it will be like to...

Understand key success factors in your client experience so you can start to reach your goals, not just dream about them.
Start automating time consuming tasks so that you can spend less time IN your business and more time ON your business.

Stop spinning your wheels with an inconsistent workflow, constantly stuck with more to-dos than you can get through.

Have a clear, optimized, roadmap of your workflow so that every client receives the same stellar experience.

Finally have THAT person you can bounce business ideas around with and figure out how to implement your best ones.

Be 100% confident that all of your daily business tasks are taken care of and your clients are happy.

if you said "yAAASSSSSs" to 1 or more of these, it's time to make a change.

(keep on reading to find out how)

step one

Before we ever get on the phone with each other, YOU have to do some serious business soul-searching to figure out a few things.

I provide you with a worksheet to guide you through the most important questions you need to answer about your client experience before we chat. The more hard work you put into your homework, the MORE we'll cover during your Strategy Session and the BETTER the final result will be. 

Pre-Session Homework

step two

THIS IS WHERE I COME IN! We will spend our 1:1 Zoom Strategy Session together going through the client experience that you dreamed up in the homework stage. You just tell me what you want to happen, and I translate that into the Dubsado Universe using my signature Workflow Builder. No more wasting time trying to implement half-baked plans, you'll leave this session with plug & play customized Dubsado workflow maps.

Strategy Session

step three

After our Strategy Session, it's time to start IMPLEMENTING those workflows! This is the DIY part! After our session, you'll receive the map that we created together, a recording of your call, and an Implementation Guide to provide guidance on what to do next. You'll have everything you need to begin DIYing business assets, setting up your system, and finally, actualizing automation via workflows all by yourself!

DIY Implementation

The Do-It-Yourself Dubsado Process

back to process

Wedding Photography Process Map

Implementation Guide

back to process

Just a snippet!

One 1:1 strategy session with me, up to 90 minutes long, where we map your workflows and answer your burning Dubsado questions
A complete plug & play map of all the Dubsado workflows we discussed, delivered in my signature Workflow Builder

Implementation Guide to help you through all the stages of actually doing your set up yourself
Video recording of call so that you can reference it if you ever need a refresher!

when you book a call...

you'll leave with:

Confidence to move forward with the tools you need to create your dream client experience, all while spending LESS time at your computer

you'll feel:

All of this is valued at $697

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- Krissy

Cait was a great resource to put Dubsado into action in a way that made sense and worked best for my business. She is awesome!

INterior designer

Common Qs and As:

hey girl, i have a question...

Will this Call teach me how to use dubsado?

Not necessarily. The Strategy Session is designed to help you with whatever you need! That could include mapping out your client experience, troubleshooting directly in Dubsado, or talking about any other business systems you need help with!

what if i need more time?

If you think you need an intensive session to deep dive the business, shoot me an email at and tell me a bit more about your situation. We'll come up with a plan from there!

what will i receive after the call?

You will receive a recording of our call together and any materials that we create on the call together, (example: a flowchart to help you build your workflows or a content directory of assets for you to create!). Remember that you drive these calls, so what we create changes from client to client. IF however, we map you workflows, you'll also receive an Implementation Guide on how to DIY the rest of your Dubsado Setup.

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Work WITH me through an entire Dubsado Setup. We start with a 90 minute One-on-One Strategy Session so that we can customize YOUR workflows. Then, you get 4 weeks of 1:1 support from me and a DETAILED course on how to implement your own Dubsado setup. You leave the program with a complete account, genius workflows, and a whole lot of relief. 

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This Done-For-You Dubsado white-glove service is designed for those who want to hand the reigns over to an expert to design their perfect system setup. When I'm done with your Dubsado, it'll be running like a well-oiled machine, and you'll be left with a bunch of free time to take a vacation. 

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"A good system shortens the road to the goal."

- orlson marden

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Dubsado, Systems, & Automation

I've been in business long enough to understand that feeling that even when you're doing it ALL, you're still not doing ENOUGH. I want to help you get your client experience streamlined so that you can spend more time loving on your clients and perfecting your craft, rather than on sending the never-ending string of emails (payment reminders/ consultation reminders/session reminders/session prep guides/thank you so much emails/ sneak peek announcements/product ordering/etc. You know the drill.) If you're ready to cut the stress and start LIVING again, then it's time for us to get together.

Meet your guru

i'm here to help you take your business to new heights.


"I cannot thank Cait enough for helping me setup Dubsado from the ground up. it is working perfectly and I couldn't be happier to take my business to the next level."

venue owner

Automate your business

and create unreal sales...


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