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guided dubsado setup


Work WITH me through an entire Dubsado Setup. We start with a 90 minute One-on-One Strategy Session so that we can customize YOUR workflows. Then, you get 4 weeks of 1:1 support from me and a DETAILED course on how to implement your own Dubsado setup. You leave the program with a complete account, genius workflows, and a whole lot of relief. 

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Who is this for?

playing it SMALL in your life and business? You're ready for major growth.

are you sick of...

that you're constantly overwhelmed and weighed down by busyness?

do you find...

to feel the freedom to ACTUALLY relax? To find some form of balance?

do you want...

You keep finding yourself frustrated at all the time you're wasting while you're trying to save time.

Stop spinning yourself 'round in circles

You've created materials in Dubsado. You've sat down to map out your workflow a thousand times. You think, "today will be different. I'm going to get this thing DONE." You pour yourself a steaming hot cup of coffee in your favorite girl-power mug, sit down at your desk, open Dubsado,


for the zillionth time you find yourself in a tangled mess of browser tabs and templates that make no sense and don't fit together. 

Sister, it doesn't have to be this way.

Imagine what it will be like to...

Understand key success factors in your client experience so you can start to reach your goals, not just dream about them.
Start automating time consuming tasks so that you can spend less time IN your business and more time ON your business.

Stop spinning your wheels with an inconsistent workflow, constantly stuck with more to-dos than you can get through.

Have a clear, optimized, roadmap of your workflow so that every client receives the same stellar experience.

Finally have THAT person you can bounce business ideas around with and figure out how to implement your best ones.

Be 100% confident that all of your daily business tasks are taken care of and your clients are happy.

if you said "yAAASSSSSs" to 1 or more of these, it's time to make a change.

(keep on reading to find out how)


YOU ARE HERE! Once you've decided that this is the right program for you, all you need to do is review the package, sign the contract, and pay your invoice to reserve your spot.

Reserve  your Spot

pre-program prep

Once we're official, we'll schedule your 1:1 Strategy Session where we'll plan your DREAM client experience! We will leave this meeting with a detailed process map & setup roadmap.

In the mean time, you'll do some key pre-kick-off homework to help you get the MOST out of your Strategy Session!

Process Mapping & Homework

Week 1

We'll tackle account organization, packages, getting paid, curating an amazing canned email bank, and more nitty gritty stuff that has to be done before getting into the meat of the setup! I walk you through every step and provide over 40 canned email templates, Canva templates, and more!

Settings & Nitty Gritty

week 2

Week 2 is all about FORMS! You'll create your forms inside Dubsado based to fit your needs. To make this as easy as possible, I give you THREE beautiful one-click templates to start from! You get to pick your fav and keep it forever!

You'll be working on both design and content! By the end of the week, they'll be gorgeous!

Form Design & Input

week 3

It all comes together in Week 3. Finish up element-building by creating your schedulers.

Then, with all of the other elements created, it'll be time to actually put everything together in workflows. Best part? All you have to do is read the workflow map I created for you in our 1:1 Strategy Session.

Schedulers & Workflows

week 4

YOU MADE it! You've implemented everything. Now it's time to test to (1) LEARN how it all works together (2) to make sure everything is right, and (3) make needed changes. Once testing is complete, it's GO LIVE time! Now, there's nothing left to do but ROCK your business!

Testing & Go LIVE!

With service like this, it's IMPOSSIBLE for you to leave less than 100% satisfied.

5.5 Hours
8 Hours
3 Hours
3+ Hours
4-10 Hours
3 Minutes
(includes meeting time)

1:1 Slack Support from Cait

As you tackle every single step from Prep through Week 4, you'll have access to ask Cait ALL of your questions in Slack. Get responses in real time (within operating hours) so that you're never stuck!

25+ Hours over 4 weeks

The Done-With-You Dubsado Process

1:1 Strategy Session where we map your ideal client experience into Dubsado language 

FOUR WEEKS of quick & detailed 1:1 support from Cait in Slack- that way you can get the answers you need ASAP!

Step-by-step course covering everything you’re supposed to do, in what order, and with directions on every single task so you're never left saying "???"
Strategic, hands-on worksheets to help you gather your information and understand all of the content and settings  that you're going to need to think through as we enter the phases of actually doing the work in your Dubsado account

6 Beautiful code-free form templates! Half of which aren't available to the general public!

Over 40 Canned Email Templates! You'll get a healthy bank of canned emails to help you speed up the process of writing and customizing your emails for your own setup.

Canva Templates Galore! You'll get Canva Templates for your chosen form templates, and you'll get some extras for other elements needed throughout your Setup.

A completely implemented Dubsado system with built-in automation! (That YOU actually understand how to work!)

you'll leave with:

All of this is valued at $4,997

let's go!


when you join the program

you'll leave with:

- Ashtyn

Cait's service was invaluable and I honestly would've paid 3-4x the price for her help. She is absolutely worth every penny!


Common Qs and As:

hey girl, i have a question...

how much 1:1 time do I get with you, cait?

We kick-off the process by spending 90 minutes on a live 1:1 video call combing through EVERY SINGLE STEP of your process. And you get access to all of my expertise during this time, meaning that I don't need you to show up to that call knowing anything about Dubsado, I just need you to know what you want YOUR client journey to look like, and I take care of the rest! After that,  you get as much 1:1 access to me as you need in Slack for 4 weeks!

how many workflows do I get with this program?

I do things a little differently. There are no LIMITS here. YOU determine how far we get.

Each Strategy Session slot will be 90 minutes long. We will get through as many services as possible. On average, you can expect to get through about 3 services, however, this completely depends on how prepared you are. No minimum number of services is guaranteed, and there's no maximum limit. 😉

What Do I have to do before the program?

Before we even map your workflows, I expect that you will:
  1. Complete the Dubsado Beginner Course
  2. Spend some SERIOUS time writing out your client experience (in non-Dubsado terms). You HAVE to be clear on what you want, and when. Otherwise, this program won't help you! I'll do all the work to translate it into Dubsado language for you, but YOU are the maker of the goal end-product!
  3. Do some easy settings in your Dubsado account that you set up once and then never touch again. You may already have several completed!

What is the expected time commitment?

With this package, you'll get everything you need to do your Dubsado setup. Cait will tell you what to do every step of the way, from laying out the plan down to every single setting you need to make sure has been touched.
Program Kickoff: All Pre-Program work must be completed by your scheduled Strategy Session. ~4-10 Hours of Pre-Work expected
Week 1: ~5.5 Hours of Work expected
Week 2: ~8 Hours of Work expected
Week 3: ~3 Hours of Work expected)
Week 4: ~3+ Hours of Work expected


Book your DWY Setup!

complete 3 steps: 
  1. review the package
  2. sign the contract
  3. pay the invoice

Looking for something else?

click below to learn more about each service option


This Done-For-You Dubsado white-glove service is designed for those who want to hand the reigns over to an expert to design their perfect system setup. When I'm done with your Dubsado, it'll be running like a well-oiled machine, and you'll be left with a bunch of free time to take a vacation. 

More Details

Starting at $4497


In a 90 minute 1:1 Strategy Session we will work together to establish your ideal client experience & identify the tools you need to keep your business running at its best. After the meeting, you get an Implementation Guide that tells you how to DIY implement what we've developed together.

More Details


"A good system shortens the road to the goal."

- orlson marden

number of automagical setups completed


workflows MAPPED


clients spanning across

4 countries

dubsado lover since


I've been in business long enough to understand that feeling that even when you're doing it ALL, you're still not doing ENOUGH. I want to help you get your client experience streamlined so that you can spend more time loving on your clients and perfecting your craft, rather than on sending the never-ending string of emails (payment reminders/ consultation reminders/session reminders/session prep guides/thank you so much emails/ sneak peek announcements/product ordering/etc. You know the drill.) If you're ready to cut the stress and start LIVING again, then it's time for us to get together.

Meet your guru

i'm here to help you take your business to new heights.


"I cannot thank Cait enough for helping me setup Dubsado from the ground up. it is working perfectly and I couldn't be happier to take my business to the next level."

venue owner

Automate your business

and create unreal sales...


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