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signature dubsado setup clickup tracker

To help you organize and operationalize your workload, I'm sharing it ALL! This task board shows you everything that I do in a setup AND in what order to maximize value while decreasing time spent per client.


A ClickUp board template you can copy to your own account and customize as you need
Over FORTY steps (plus subtasks!) that I complete for EVERY SINGLE setup, from Discovery Call to end of Follow Up Support
All steps are perfectly sequenced to ensure a timely and efficient setup
Packed with TONS of extra time-saving tips, tricks, and hacks
And so much more!

Signature ClickUp Client Project Tracker

this tracker is packed with:

The literal key to implementing your dream luxury business setup service for your clients; bringing value to your package and taking hours off your setup time.

You will leave with:

This is the LIFE BLOOD of my business. This ClickUp board has taken me YEARS to hone, craft, and PERFECT through countless Dubsado clients. Through it all, this project tracking board ensures an equal level of luxury service for EVERY client, in the most time-saving order, and keeps you on track for FAST setup completion. 

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I started this business because I LOVE helping overwhelmed entrepreneurs take back their life with Dubsado. If you've found yourself here, on this page, it probably means that you also have a love for systems; that you want to help others actualize their automation dreams; that you want to empower your clients to OWN their business in every way. I have spent years carefully crafting and perfecting my luxury client experience- making my clients trust me both for my expertise in the system AND for the advice I can provide on running a top-notch, client-centric, purpose-filled business. I'm so excited to be here sharing it ALL with you!

Meet your teacher

i'm here to help you build a profitable & purposeful business.

- Valerie

"Cait knows Dubsado like the back of her hand. She is super helpful and knowledgeable about how to set things up in the most efficient way."

Common Qs and As:

hey girl, i have a question...

DO any of these products TEACH ME HOW TO USE DUBSADO?

If you're here, I'm assuming you already have an above average understanding of Dubsado. These resources are NOT designed to teach you how to operate the system.


Due to the nature of digital & service products, no refunds will be given.  I welcome your private questions and feedback in order to improve any & all Cait Potter Education Collection products HERE!

who are these resources this for?

These resources are designed for system-lovers who want to run their own luxury business setting up Dubsado and automations for other entrepreneurs.

Thanks! Keep an eye on your inbox for updates.

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This guide will walk you through all of the key decision points you will come across as you begin your journey in this business and set you up to be a profitable, professional Dubsado Pro!

Email templates

Get the emails I use from initial inquiry to closing the deal and beyond. These emails will help you close sales and keep your clients happy and informed with consistent, thoughtful status updates!

code-free form design

Even if you don't use CSS, you should still be creating beautiful, professional, cut-above-the-rest forms for your clients. Check out the formula and building blocks I use to guarantee consistently beautiful code-free forms!

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