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A course created & designed to help current and aspiring Dubsado Setup Pros to up-level their own operations and to create a wow-worthy client experience!

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You don't have to do it alone.

You deserve to run a business you love. You have a passion for systems in a way that others just *don't*. You are ready to offer a luxury, business-to-business service, helping other entrepreneurs set up the back end of their business, complete with beautiful automation, giving them their life back and allowing them to focus on the craft they love.  You've got all the building blocks, but need a little help putting it all together.

That's why I'm sharing EVERYTHING I know in order to help you recognize the value of your talents and to provide guidance on how to harness your energy and expertise to create a WOW-worthy client experience from start to finish.

When does this get better?

the go getter club

The Go Getter Club is a course designed to give you the access to the expertise you need to start or grow your Dubsado Setup business. From auditing your experience from the client perspective to brainstorming and creating solutions to cut down on time-sucking tasks, the Club is here to be your thought partner and growth pusher. Cait has been running her own Dubsado Setup biz since the beginning of 2018 and has worked tirelessly to streamline the process of streamlining processes. All you have to do is reach out and ask your questions to skip a whole lot of heartache.

Let's get better, together.


Imagine what it will be like to...

Stop spinning your wheels with an inconsistent Dubsado Setup workflow, constantly stuck with more to-dos than you can get through.

Be able to clearly explain your process and value, from start to finish; allowing you to sell your service and close more leads.

Understand key success factors in your client experience so you can start to reach your goals, not just dream about them.

Systematize your process and hire help, allowing you to bring on more clients and to focus on growing other areas of your business.

if you said "yAAASSSSSs" to 1 or more of these, it's time to make a change.

(keep on reading to find out how!)

- Angela

 "I now feel super confident that I have all of the pieces I need to give an amazing experience to my own clients! She is so detailed and thoughtful with her insights and I am grateful to learn from such an amazing industry leader!"

dubsado pro

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step one

It's impossible to up-level your biz if you aren't clear on WHAT your offers are and WHY you're offering them. Being confident what you can produce for clients is step #1 to developing systems to deliver those results and to marketing for those services! We'll walk through EXACTLY how to decide what Dubsado services you want to offer, how to structure them, how to price your services, track your projects, and plan your 5 star client experience! 

Create  your offer(s)

step two

You get to watch me behind the scenes with me for EVERY SINGLE STEP of A REAL LIFE SETUP! You get to watch me on a real life discovery call, my proposal-preparing process, a live Process Mapping Session, assembling the Implementation Questionnaire, going through a live offboarding, and more! Not only are you actually watching me with real life clients, but I'm also explaining my full thought process and strategy behind the scenes! 

See How it's Done

step three

Swipe files, templates, and management tools, OH MY! From templates & files for your own business to structures for maintaining client email banks to workflow templates AND MORE! You'll receive actual tools that you can implement to streamline your operations, TODAY,  not years from now after you've created everything from scratch.

Streamline Implementation

step four

Once we've gone through WHAT, WHY, and HOW of all of your services will be executed for your clients, AND you've been given actual implementable template, it's time to bring it allllll together! This lesson helps you tie up everything you've learned into a beautiful package with a nice little bow so that you're ready to actually start taking clients and kicking ass!

Bringing it All Together


The age old question of HOW THE HECK TO GET CLIENTS! With a guest lesson from Loran Elise Collective on positioning yourself as an expert, to discussing the most important elements of your website, to growing your email list, (and more!), we are diving into all of the critical pieces of your marketing plan with actionable steps that you can take TODAY to start establishing your brand of excellence.

Marketing Lesson


The Goodie Bag includes 10 BONUS lessons on how to run your business with excellence (amazing lessons like Establishing Boundaries,  Planning Your Availability, and an in-depth look at how I use Airtable BTS. PLUS an additional 10 lessons on my favorite Dubsado hacks and workarounds. That's twenty BONUS LESSONS on how to be an awesome Dubsado Pro & business owner, just because I care that much about your success.

Goodie Bag & Workarounds!

So, what are we covering?

I started this business because I LOVE helping overwhelmed entrepreneurs take back their life with Dubsado. If you've found yourself here, on this page, it probably means that you also have a love for systems; that you want to help others actualize their automation dreams; that you want to empower your clients to OWN their business in every way. I have spent years carefully crafting and perfecting my luxury client experience- making my clients trust me both for my expertise in the system AND for the advice I can provide on running a top-notch, client-centric, purpose-filled business. I'm so excited to be here sharing it ALL with you!

Meet your teacher

i'm here to help you build a profitable & purposeful business.

This is just the beginning....

"I started off with $997 being my starting price and by the time the program was over, I have increased it to $2,000 with plans of moving it to $2,500 within the next couple months!!! "

"Be like Nike and Just Do It! I am a full believer that if you invest in yourself that you put it into the universe that you are ready for growth. It will give you the confidence to hit all the areas of your business to bring you success, you'll make your investment back in tenfolds, and save you time and money learning things the long and hard way. Plus, anything Cait provides is GOLD and she is a genuine gem of a human being that truly cares about helping others succeed and the value she puts out is truly mind-blowing! "

- Angela

Angela munoz co

"Worth every penny! The information and tools provided are GOLD!"

The Go Getter Club helped me fine-tune my business strategy. Having the opportunity to see the BTS of how Cait does Discovery Calls, Workflow Sessions and Offboarding calls helped me perfect my skills, learn to work with objections and navigate through unfamiliar situations. SIGN UP NOW! Yes, it's a lot of money, but it is a great investment and worth every penny. You will walk away from this program with increased knowledge and a business structure that will make you feel confident about charging those big bucks for your setups.  


Streamlined by martine

"That goodie bag is FIREEE!!!" 

I feel more prepared and confident in offering setups.
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for this opportunity and sharing your genius with me!!! ❤ If you're looking for a program that will light the fire under your tail to get moving and boost your confidence, GGC is the way to go! Cait is obviously SUPER knowledgeable in all things Dubsado and having her in your back pocket is awesome!


Studio 320 Virtual services

"With the Go Getter Club I was able to finally put my ideal client experience together, and put the corresponding workflows together."

"Since joining the Go Getter Club my confidence has grown exponentially. I feel like I have the tools and resources to offer an amazing client experience while setting up their system optimally. Having access to Cait's expertise and support along the way is what persuaded me to join and I'm so glad I did. The content is delivered in a clear manner that makes it so easy to understand and follow along to. The templates and bonus content are cherries on top of an amazing experience. "


ar & co, adaptive business solutions

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They love it, & so will you!

All of this is valued at over $9,000...

Stop waiting. Start growing.



- Aldana

"[you make] sure everyone's taken care of, and you're extremely thorough with your answers, always providing value beyond expectations. You just exude excellence! there's no other way to put it."

dubsado pro

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