Go Getter Club

A coaching program created to help current and aspiring Dubsado Setup Pros to up-level their own operations and to create a wow-worthy client experience!

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You don't have to do it alone.

You deserve to run a business you love. You have a passion for systems in a way that others just *don't*. You are ready to offer a luxury, business-to-business service, helping other entrepreneurs set up the back end of their business, complete with beautiful automation, giving them their life back and allowing them to focus on the craft they love.  You've got all the building blocks, but need a little help putting it all together.

That's why I'm sharing EVERYTHING I know in order to help you recognize the value of your talents and to provide guidance on how to harness your energy and expertise to create a WOW-worthy client experience from start to finish.

When does this get better?

Imagine what it will be like to...

Stop spinning your wheels with an inconsistent Dubsado Setup workflow, constantly stuck with more to-dos than you can get through.

Be able to clearly explain your process and value, from start to finish; allowing you to sell your service and close more leads.

Understand key success factors in your client experience so you can start to reach your goals, not just dream about them.

Systematize your process and hire help, allowing you to bring on more clients and to focus on growing other areas of your business.

Finally have THAT person you can bounce business ideas around with and figure out how to implement your best ones.

if you said "yAAASSSSSs" to 1 or more of these, it's time to make a change.

(keep on reading to find out how!)

How to transform your own internal processes and workflows to WOW your clients from initial contact to goodbye as best friends.

What you'll learn here

How to elevate your service to a level of luxury that allows you to have an unlimited income potential and a more impactful business.

That you DO have a tribe! We are a group of Dubsado Pros eager to help each other flourish. Here you'll find a safe space to bounce business ideas  with people who get it.

How to live your true purpose by harnessing your talents and passions to create a business and life that honors who you were created to be.

- Angela

 "I now feel super confident that I have all of the pieces I need to give an amazing experience to my own clients! She is so detailed and thoughtful with her insights and I am grateful to learn from such an amazing industry leader!"

dubsado pro

Go Getter Club Coaching Program


Finding your niche and structuring your service offering

How to price your package

How to attract & book your ideal client

Website advice and gentle critique 

Experience audit

Defining your own client experience and workflow 

Discovery Call training

Client boundaries and communication

How to outsource and which elements  to outsource

Offboarding your clients with ease

How to get more reviews

How to map client workflows - even if you know nothing about the industry

Working through current client setups or sticky situations

Dubsado tips, tricks, and workarounds!

Effective template management

Efficient form design

Stackable Workflows for clients with many overlapping services

Next Program Dates:

January 6, 2022- March 31, 2022

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All of this is valued at over $9,000...

Stop waiting. Start growing.


I started this business because I LOVE helping overwhelmed entrepreneurs take back their life with Dubsado. If you've found yourself here, on this page, it probably means that you also have a love for systems; that you want to help others actualize their automation dreams; that you want to empower your clients to OWN their business in every way. I have spent years carefully crafting and perfecting my luxury client experience- making my clients trust me both for my expertise in the system AND for the advice I can provide on running a top-notch, client-centric, purpose-filled business. I'm so excited to be here sharing it ALL with you!

Meet your teacher

i'm here to help you build a profitable & purposeful business.

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Common Qs and As:

hey girl, i have a question...

What is the go getter club?

The Go Getter Club is a 3 month coaching program designed to help aspiring and new Dubsado Setup Pros structure their service and get confident about providing a 5 star experience to their clients! 

will there be a payment plan?

YES! Although pricing hasn't been officially announced yet, rest assured that you'll have the option to either pay in full or pay on a 3 month installment plan. 

When will the club launch?

Group coaching sessions will start in August, which means that application release is coming CRAZY SOON! Make sure to join the wait list to get notified when it officially drops!

- Aldana

"[you make] sure everyone's taken care of, and you're extremely thorough with your answers, always providing value beyond expectations. You just exude excellence! there's no other way to put it."

dubsado pro