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Client Use: Mini Session Workflow Templates

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 When you’re a Dubsado Pro who’s not an expert in the industry you’re setting up for, you may feel like you’re a step behind. One of the most niche needs of photographers is setting up mini sessions.

What is a Mini Session?

A mini session is a short session completed on a day when many sessions will be booked back to back at the same location, usually with an adorable theme and decorated setup! Photographers need clients to be able to select a time, fill out a form, and pay in order to book their slot.

You’ll leave with:

A template that contains TWO workflows showing the best way to handle mini sessions, including a cutting edge abandoned cart sequence! You can customize as you desire and then use for EVERY client who ever needs a mini session set up! Saving you hours per client and ensuring consistent quality delivery.


  • Video explanation of the workflow from start to finish, so both you and your client are 100% clear on the results to be achieved
  • A Lucidchart workflow flowchart template you can duplicate to your account & customize as needed
  • A Google spreadsheet workflow template that you can copy & paste into your workflow builder, if you own it
    • Mini Session Confirmation Email
    • Mini Session Reminder Email- 1 week out
    • Mini Session Reminder Email- 24 hours out
    • Mini Session Not Booked Follow up
    • Send Mini Session Contract
    • Thank you & next steps email
    • Final gallery delivery
    • BONUS: Request a Review
    • 7 canned email templates you can use in your client builds for everything from initial inquiry response to gallery delivery to a final thank you to your clients.

PSSSSTTTTTT! if you’re a photographer (not a Dubsado Pro),

You should check out my Mini Session Kit instead! It includes the same workflow and is tailor made to walk you through every step of creating a workflow in Dubsado!

Terms & Conditions

Note that these are for PERSONAL USE. NO COMMERCIAL LICENSE. This means that you may not share this template with other Dubsado pros and you may not resell it. You MAY use it with your own clients for whom you are doing a Dubsado Setup. Due to the nature of digital products, there are NO REFUNDS.

All products are meant to be used inside your own business and it is illegal to use them with other accounts, share, or redistribute them.

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