Monthly Dubsado Support is EXACTLY what it sounds like - rather than me doing a one-off project and handing off the reins for you to handle it from there, *I* take care of ALL of it.

Monthly Dubsado Support includes:

Kick-Off Meeting to review current processes, what's working well, what's not, and where you need support.

Dubsado maintenance: each (week)day I'll log in to your Dubsado to make sure no workflows have paused unexpectedly, all clients have been serviced as needed by the workflows, and to ensure there are no other areas of concern.

Form content updates as needed: effective forms are the backbone of effective information collection that allows you to do your job best.

Create new tutorials & trainings as needed for the pieces of the system that you or your team are responsible for so that there is more and more expertise living inside your own brain!

Monthly Check-In Meeting to go over upcoming priorities and pain points.

Slack support so that you can get your questions answered quickly and conveniently!

You'll feel:

Free to focus on the things you love knowing that your system is in the BEST hands.

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dubsado setup complete

This package is NOT a system-setup package. It is intended to help you manage a system that has already been strategically designed to serve your business.

That means that in order to get monthly system support, your Dubsado Setup will need to have been completed. If you had a Done-For-You setup, then you're good to go and can get started right away!

If you had a Done-With-You Setup OR DIY'd it, then we will start with a Dubsado Audit to identify any required updates or changes to your setup. You will then be provided with a quote for any required updates, changes, or fixes. If all is running well, then you'll be able to head straight into Dubsado Monthly Support! 

kick-off meeting

Once your Dubsado setup completion is verified, we will start your Monthly Dubsado Support with a Kick-Off Meeting. At this Kick-Off Meeting, we're going to go cover A LOT:
  • Challenges & pain points you've been encountering in the business
  • Upcoming clients and projects (and whether any of these need special attention)
  • Onboarding to the Cait Potter support systems to ensure that you know how to reach Cait when you need

dubsado maintenance

After Onboarding is complete and we both have the lay of the land, we move in to Monthly Dubsado Support! I will:
  • Start each (week)day logging in to your account to assess workflows & make sure that everything has fired as expected
  • Respond to your support questions & requests
  • Assist you in managing the client experience when an oddball situation causes a client to fall outside of your established processes
  • Proactively look for activities in your Dubsado account that indicate a process or form change is needed. 
  • Liaise with the Dubsado Support team as needed when bugs and errors arise.

continuous improvement

Dubsado is a living organism that should be constantly evolving as you, your business, and your team does. There are a few ways that you can expect your system to be constantly improving with my help: 
  • Monthly check-in meeting to make sure we stay in perfect alignment
  • I will create Dubsado training resources & SOPs for you and your team as needed so that you experience less & less friction every day.
  • As a bonus, if I notice a piece of the process is bottlenecking or consistently missed, I'll brainstorm solutions to solve those problems! This might mean I help you with Zaps, create a small dashboard, or refer you to other services that may help you scale.

special past-client beta pricing

$697 per month

get started!

On public launch, pricing will be at least $797 per month. Billed monthly, no commitment required.

wait wait wait, i gotta question.

Is there a discount for signing on for multiple months?

Not at this time. The discount being offered currently is for past Cait Potter clients only to serve as beta testers for the service. This means that things will be modified as we go to make sure that the package is serving both of our needs. This is your chance to help shape the package into exactly what you need!

What happens if my Dubsado is running perfectly?

If your Dubsado is currently running perfectly and you're not spending a bunch of time or frustration in there, you probably don't need this service right now. If we get started and find that it's running well, then that's where I'll still be logging in each day to look for EXCEPTIONS where things may have gone awry, and I'll be paying special attention to how it's all working with your team and whether there are ways to improve, plus you'll have access to me for that custom support!

what do you *not* do?

I'm not a virtual assistant. I don't email your clients or take care of any of the work of actually providing your service. I don't manage your inbox or alert you of your tasks. 

I do not map processes or create assets for NEW services, but I do offer you discounted Strategy Sessions & priority scheduling for these projects to get them added to your account quickly- then they become part of the maintenance plan.

let's go

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