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It's time to quit the tiring hustle and break free to your best life ever.
Don't worry... I've got a plan to show you how. 

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Are you running a business, 
or a busyness?


You started this business in order to spend time and make money doing what you LOVE to do... and instead you've found yourself buried in emails, constant back and forth scheduling, and burnt out trying to keep up with all the awesome pieces of your own client experience, which you can't even seem to delivery consistently. 

Sister, it doesn't have to be this way.

I have spent YYEARRSSS learning all the ins and outs of Dubsado and practicing creating clear, consistent, wow-worthy client experiences so that YOU can skip the overwhelm and jump right to THRIVING! I've carefully curated a suite of services so that no matter what you're looking for, there's something for you.

Keep reading to find out how I can help you go from UGH to WOW!

Who is this for?

playing it SMALL in your life and business? You're ready for major growth.

are you sick of...

that you're constantly overwhelmed and weighed down by busyness?

do you find...

to feel the freedom to ACTUALLY relax? To find some form of balance?

do you want...

White Glove Dubsado Setup


 My Done-For-You Dubsado Setup experience is designed for those who want to hand the reigns over to an expert to design their perfect system setup. With this service, you'll get everything you need to propel your business forward with the use of Dubsado. From start to finish, I will design every form, write every email, set up every package, scheduler, payment schedule, and more so that all you have to do is focus on what you love.

Once all of the work is complete, you will receive a 1:1 session with me to review your setup, meaning that you will finish the experience as a Dubsado expert in your own system so that you are prepared to manage EVERYTHING on your own moving forward.

 When I'm done with your Dubsado, it'll be running like a well-oiled machine, and you'll be left with a bunch of free time you literally don't know what to do with. 

how does it work?


"I wish I would've hired Cait a long time ago! Having her take care of my workflow systems and get everything running for me has saved me so much time! Now, my clients are getting their questions answered before they even have time to ask! I finally feel like I'm organized and have a handle on my upcoming clients, instead of taking it one week at a time and panicking because I realized I still hadn't sent them that outfit guide, or any other info for their session. It was well worth the money spent!"

- Ashtyn


"My time spent inside of Dubsado has been cut down by more than half and I haven't even implemented everything"

"I can finally relax. Cait knows what she's doing. My time spent inside of Dubsado has been cut down by more than half and I haven't even implemented everything she has set up for me. My business is now able to run itself. She is thorough she takes the time to really know your business. [I was afraid of] still having to do a ton of work to make Dubsado work for my business. I actually haven't opened dubsado in two days as opposed to spending hours in it daily. It's set up now to work on its own."


Venue Owner

"reach out to Cait if you're looking to finally get your business automated without the headache of figuring it out on your own. Cait will save you time and frustration."

I highly recommend Cait to help you get organized, streamline your business processes, and provide an elevated experience to your clients. Cait was nice, funny, and fun to work with. She was professional and worked quickly. I'd say she over delivered in terms of speed. She handled everything, it really was a full-service client experience for me to work with her - I knew from her own process that she would make sure my clients were taken care of. And she did. Very happy client!


Professional Career coach


"Working with Cait was so good for me--she helped me organize my business, work to my strengths, and she made my business stronger. [Before Cait,] I had no idea wtf I was doing. My systems were messy, I couldn't track client payments, and I struggled to onboard new clients successfully. Dude, you've got to work with Cait! She's a genius with online systems and she'll work magic on your workflow."



"Cait knows Dubsado like the back of her hand...  I never would have gotten to this level of automation on my own."

"Cait knows Dubsado like the back of her hand. She is super helpful and knowledgeable about what things can be done (or can't) and how to set things up in the most efficient way. I wasn't utilizing Dubsado workflows to their full potential and was overwhelmed with the idea of trying to set it all up myself. I did watch some Dubsado tutorials so I had an idea of what I needed but I never would have gotten to this level of automation on my own."



 I could not recommend her more, she is definitely the person you need to help make your business thrive! 

"She’s like the fairy god mother of Dubsado setup that you never knew you needed! She is so generous and understanding, and makes her clients feel heard and supported throughout the process and afterwards! I could not recommend her more, she is definitely the person you need to help make your business thrive! Her attention to detail! She made me even aware of things I had no idea about. "


portrait photographer

"Cait came through with every promise she made leaving nothing to be questioned. Cait is worth every dime and then some!" 

"My biggest fear was that, many vendors say they will give you the keys to the kingdom, but they end up giving you a key that doesn't fit anything. Cait came through with every promise she made leaving nothing to be questioned. Cait is a rare gem who not only does what she says she's going to do, but so much more. She goes above and beyond exceeding any expectations. Cait is worth every dime and then some!"



"Cait was able to help guide me through Dubsado when I felt completely overwhelmed and ready to give up. After her help, I had the most successful year I have ever had."

"I'm so thankful for Cait! She completely changed the way I operate my business. She was able to help guide me through Dubsado when I felt completely overwhelmed ready to give up. After her help,  I had the most successful year I have ever had. She is a wealth of knowledge & took her time to help me navigate Dubsado and truly learn it!  I'm so happy I invested in Cait. I highly recommend working with her, she is a lifesaver! "



next story


They love it, & so will you!

step one

Our free Discovery Call allows me to learn more about your business, your services, and your pain points so that I can start putting together a plan to fix it!

In true Dubsado fashion, I'll email you a proposal specifically designed with your business in mind. 

From there you will select your package, sign the contract, and pay 50% of the balance to book.

Discovery Call & Quote

step two

You will fill out your Onboarding Questionnaire prior to our Process Mapping Session.
This questionnaire collects basic information about your business that does not change often, like your branding information, accounting categories, social media links, and more. It is critical that this questionnaire is completed prior to the Process Mapping Meeting so that we are ready to go!

Onboarding Questionnaire

step three

Once we're officially official, we'll schedule our Process Mapping Session to kick off your DFY Setup. This is when we will map out your DREAM client experience! We will leave this meeting with a beautifully charted process map for future reference (& an actionable plan).

Process Mapping

step four

After the Process Mapping Session, I will customize a SECOND questionnaire for you. This questionnaire asks you about alllll the nitty gritty details that I will need in order to finish your setup. This will be the most tedious part of the process for you, however, I ask you to have it complete within 1 week after our Process Mapping Session, and after that, you get to relax!

Implementation Questionnaire

step five

NOW we are finally ready to actually GET INTO Dubsado! All of our work has been leading up to THIS step- where the implementation work begins.
Best part? Starting here, I do ALLLLLLLL (and I do mean *all*) of the work.
So sit back and enjoy your glass of wine. I've got this under control.

Automation Implementation

step six

Once all the work is complete, we'll hop on a recorded 1:1 call, we'll go through every. single. step. of the workflows created based on your dream client experience!
Just because your setup is done doesn't mean we say goodbye! I stick around for THIRTY DAYS for you to ask questions, request bug fixes, and receive additional training. PLUS I provide you with an exclusive Next Steps Guide and training library.

Offboarding & Hiccup Help

With service like this, it's IMPOSSIBLE for you to leave less than 100% satisfied.


15 minutes


1 hour


2 hours


Up to 2 hours


0 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


90 Minute Meeting
5+ Hours Self-Guided Learning

6-10 Hours over 8 weeks

The Done-For-You Dubsado Process


Every project is custom quoted. Done-for-You Dubsado Setup starting investment:

This breaks down to just $0.57 an hour for the 24/7 work Dubsado will be doing for you!

"I found some cheaper options but they just didn't have the personality and professionalism that I saw with Cait."

"During my research I found some cheaper options but they just didn't seem to have the personality and professionalism that I saw with Cait. As a photographer I am a firm believer in you get what you pay for, but this was going to make a large dent in my off-season bank account. After debating, I took the plunge and from the moment we had our first call I knew this was going to be great! I can honestly say Cait is worth every penny! What she was able to accomplish was magical - I seriously dont know how she did it! She did what I failed to do in a year in mere weeks and to such better capacities than I thought possible!



get started!

Process Mapping Session where we establish your personalized client experience & business process roadmap 

Beautiful code-free form design (check out my portfolio page to see examples!)
Copywriting for all of your missing canned emails as identified in the working mapping session! 

Package entry so that you can easily sell all of your services over and over again, saving you time and headache. 

Client portal design that is customized to your business so that the client portal feels like an extension of your website, and your clients feel at home there.

Scheduler creation so that you can stop all the back & forth with scheduling key events with your clients. 

Payment Schedule advice and creation so that you get paid on time, every time, effortlessly. 

Workflow implementation! Your ideal client experience will be automated to the fullest extent possible & your biz will be ready to go with all needed workflows! 

Live 1:1 recorded Offboarding call where you will learn the ins and outs of your system and can watch over and over again, or share with your team.
30 days of follow-up support & access to an exclusive Dubsado Next Steps Guide & training library to help you learn while you are getting the hang of things


A completely implemented Dubsado system with built-in automation!

you'll leave with:

Signature Package

marie says...

"Cait is amazing. She's a whiz, so patient, and super knowledgeable. I am an Event Planner and I wanted some help. I had all these forms that were long and tedious and she created them to look amazing, shorter with some of my wonderful graphics. She also helped so much with my project funnels. I highly recommend her and I've not only found someone who is amazing at Dubsado, but a friend too."

ashtyn says...

"Cait went above and beyond with helping me set up my Dubsado workflows! She had so many suggestions on how to make my ideas work, and even better than I was thinking. She was so patient with me and really took the time to answer all my questions. I would absolutely hire her again, and truthfully would pay double. She was invaluable and I'm mostly kicking myself that I didn't do this sooner!"

Questions & Answers

is this right for your business?

how long does the setup typically take?

Assuming that you complete your questionnaires on time, your build will be complete within 4 weeks after your Process Mapping Session. If you do not complete your questionnaires on time, your due date may be missed, and additional fees will apply. 

how much dubsado training do you provide?

During our Process Mapping Session, we talk extensively about which Dubsado features we'll be using during your build.
At Offboarding, I show you every step of every workflow I've created for you and explain how it works.
During Hiccup Help, I provide you with a detailed Next Steps Guide AND a video training library to help you learn some key features.
You are still highly encouraged to complete Dubsado's own Education in order to be proficient in using the tool.

do you recommend this for new businesses?

Dubsado Done-For-You will work best for businesses who already have a rock solid idea of what they want their client experience to look like and are ready to invest in streamlining and automating it.

Looking for something else?

click below to learn more about each service option


Work WITH me through an entire Dubsado Setup. We start with a 90 minute One-on-One Strategy Session so that we can customize YOUR workflows. Then, you get 4 weeks of 1:1 support from me and a DETAILED course on how to implement your own Dubsado setup. You leave the program with a complete account, genius workflows, and a whole lot of relief. 


In a 90 minute 1:1 Strategy Session we will work together to establish your ideal client experience & identify the tools you need to keep your business running at its best. After the meeting, you get an Implementation Guide that tells you how to DIY implement what we've developed together.

More Details

More Details



"A good system shortens the road to the goal."

- orlson marden

number of automagical setups completed


workflows MAPPED


clients spanning across

4 countries

dubsado lover since


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I've been in business long enough to understand that feeling that even when you're doing it ALL, you're still not doing ENOUGH. I want to help you get your client experience streamlined so that you can spend more time loving on your clients and perfecting your craft, rather than on sending the never-ending string of emails (payment reminders/ consultation reminders/session reminders/session prep guides/thank you so much emails/ sneak peek announcements/product ordering/etc. You know the drill.) If you're ready to cut the stress and start LIVING again, then it's time for us to get together.

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"I cannot thank Cait enough for helping me setup Dubsado from the ground up. it is working perfectly and I couldn't be happier to take my business to the next level."

venue owner

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