I used to charge $200 for a Dubsado setup…I wish I was kidding! Now my base package is $4497, and I’m always booked out with incredible, high-caliber clients. 

Gaining the confidence to raise my prices came from improving my skills inside Dubsado while also improving my skills as a business owner. 

You NEED to do both to succeed, and unfortunately, we aren’t born knowing HOW to do either. This is why I created the Dubsado Strategist School. I’m sharing everything it took me years to learn so you can grow your business (and 5-star reputation) faster than I did!

You Deserve to run a profitable business you love

get started doing dubsado setups confidently

not sure how to start?

You deserve to run a business you love. You have a passion for systems in a way that others just *don't*. You are ready to offer a luxury, business-to-business service, helping other entrepreneurs set up the back end of their business, complete with beautiful automation, giving them their life back and allowing them to focus on the craft they love. You've got all the building blocks, but need a little help putting it all together.
That's why I'm sharing EVERYTHING I know in order to help you create the business of your dreams, skipping a whooollleeee lot of headaches.

Module 1
  • How to Create a Stunning Dubsado Signature Service
  • Creating a Strong Lead Funnel Using a la carte services
  • Charging what you're worth: a guide to pricing profitably
module 2
  • Master the discovery call & close more sales
  • Craft the perfect Dubsado setup proposal & contract
  • Process map your way to success in Dubsado 
  • End projects on a high note with clients 
  • Create loyal clients with follow-up support 
  • Master the mechanics of Dubsado like you’ve been doing this for years

module 3
  • Create a strategic project tracker for consistent results
  • Map out your own 5-star client experience 
  • Create your content and set up your workflows
  • Plan your ongoing project availability

bonus lessons!
  • How to find leads & attract your ideal client
  • re-engage past clients for recurring revenue
  • How to establish boundaries & work with difficult clients 
  • Advice on the Dubsado certification 
  • Cait’s toolbox - my recommended tools for running your biz

this sounds perfect

I’m going to walk you step-by-step through creating and implementing a 5-star Dubsado service that earns you raving reviews and has clients begging to get on your calendar!

services that sell themselves

mastering the setup process

from idea to action

goodie bag

Here’s Your Curriculum

This is the Right for You If…

You NEED to enroll in the Dubsado Strategist School if you want to:

Structure your offer in a way that over-serves your client WITHOUT over-working yourself

Create an organic funnel that gets people to say YES to you and creates leads for your signature service

If you have limited resources and want to make sure you’re investing in something that will actually move the needle in your business - this is the program for you! 

Clearly explain your process and value, allowing you to close more sales at premium pricing

WOW your clients, so you offboard as best friends (and with them telling everyone about their experience with you)

Develop an internal structure that allows you to outsource as your business grows

"PRICELESS! Not only were we provided digital tangibles to move us ahead, but the TIME + HEADACHE SAVINGS by having this insider info at your fingertips when you start your business you just can't put a value on!!!"
— angela

Worth every penny! The information and tools you provide are GOLD!

"my confidence has grown exponentially. I feel like I have the tools and resources to offer an amazing client experience while setting up their system optimally. The content is delivered in a clear manner that makes it so easy to understand and follow along to. The templates and bonus content are cherries on top of an amazing experience."

dubsado strategist school
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wait wait wait, i gotta question.

i've been in biz for awhile, do i need this?

Probably not. If you feel like you're flying by the seat of your pants without much strategy, then you can benefit, but if you have consistent clients and don't feel like there's a questionmark behind everything you do, you probably don't need this. Check out The Dub Club instead!

does this apply to systems besides dubsado?

This course is named "Dubsado" Strategist School because there are many activities, tools, and principles in it that are specific to Dubsado. There are certainly principles that are more universal and could be valuable for other systems, but in general, don't be surprised when the majority of the course is about DUBSADO as the title says!

how is this different from The Dub club?

This course provides foundational knowledge that The Dub Club assumes you already know. This course is structured and intentional in its focus and order of lessons. It is also LIFETIME ACCESS! The Dub Club is a membership program where you lose access to content when you stop paying. Think of Dubsado Strategist School as the pre-requisite to EVERYTHING else I offer!

do i need to own any shop products?

No! If you've been eyeing the shop and aren't sure where to get started, GET STARTED HERE! This course walks you through the WHY and the HOW of all of the products included in the Dubsado Strategist Bundle. This course will help you determine which ones will be the most valuable to YOU for your own unique needs.

In short, NO. With more explanation: You are advised to have at least a basic understanding of Dubsado before embarking on becoming a System Strategist. That said, this course DOES contain exercises to help you practice and hone your skills.

does this teach me how to use dubsado?

if you're ready to take the leap and get started...