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The gift of friendship

Hey there, friend. This may not be what you were expecting to find in your Workflow Pro’s blog posts, ‬but if you don’t‭ ‬read any of the other resources I’ve created for you, ‬please read this‭.   ‬It’s‭  ‬so important for me to explain how I view my relationship‭  with my clients.  ‬After working with a few clients, I started looking for more.  ‬I loved the results I‭ was creating but I knew there was something‭ ‬missing‭. 

‬I started realizing that what I desired in my business‭, ‬more than anything‭, ‬was a personal connection‭ ‬to my clients. ‬Everyone wants‭ to‭ ‬be known‭, ‬seen‭, ‬loved and befriended‭.  ‬I don’t know if I’ve ever met a human being who didn’t appreciate someone caring about who they are‭, ‬what they’re passionate about‭, ‬etc‭.  ‬

In that moment, I committed to forming friendships with my clients and intentionally caring to get to know‭  ‬them‭.  ‬It changed everything‭.  ‬Having a heart for genuine friendships in my business has‭ ‬made my business so much more than how I pay the bills‭, ‬it’s a huge part of my purpose in life‭.  ‬Not only is my friendship with my clients a gift to me, ‬but it positively impacts my client’s entire system-building experience‭.  ‬

When we get off of our Workflow Mapping Meeting and you’ve handed the backend of your business over to a stranger, ‬it will be a relief to feel like the strategy and implementation will be completed by a friend‭ who has your back, wants the best for you, and will treat your business like their own; not just a random hired contractor.  ‬Friendship breeds comfortability and comfortability leads to trust‭… ‬and trust is something that you deserve to have with a service provider who is changing the inner-workings of your business‭! ‬I’m so excited to get to know‭ ‬you throughout this entire process and to continue cheering you on when our work together is complete!

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