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Wedding Photographer Dubsado Starter Kit

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If you own a Dubsado Setup business and you purchase this product, you will be invoiced for a Commercial License in the amount of $1297. Dubsado Pros can purchase a commercial license for my wedding workflows at a discounted rate here.

Calling all wedding photographers!

I get so many questions about how to use Dubsado for streamlining wedding photography! Being someone’s wedding photographer is a BIG deal. You’re there to capture the most important moments of someone else’s life, and you want to make sure that you’re spoiling your client at every turn.

That’s why I created the Wedding Photographer Starter Kit, to help you assemble a LUXURY client experience in a fraction of them time. This thing is PACKED with easy-to-understand directions, templates galore, and literal form designs to help you get all of the necessary elements set up within your account so that you can FINALLY start using workflows to spoil your clients and claim back time in your life!

What you get:

  • EIGHT complete workflows, booking to gallery delivery and beyond! PLUS, they’re delivered in a mini version of my own signature Workflow Builder, which means you can CUSTOMIZE the workflows to suit your business! (Value: $4497) Workflows include:
    1. Wedding Lead
    2. Wedding Photo Booked
    3. Wedding Post Processing
    4. Wedding | Engagement Session
    5. Engagement Post Processing
    6. Album Upsell
    7. Not Available
    8. Not A Good Fit
  • 37 personality-filled canned emails with Dubsado smart fields included to guide your client through the process while building relationship with them (Value: $117)
  • 8 forms you can copy right into your account with one click to expedite your buildout! PLUS you get the Canva templates so you can customize the designs with your own photos. Templates included:
    • Contract template (structure only, no contract content) [Contract]
    • Engagement Session Planner [Lead Capture]
    • Website Lead Capture [Lead Capture]
    • Album Ordering Form [Proposal] (Signature Cait Potter Template. Value: $127)
    • Book your Wedding Day! [Proposal] (Signature Cait Potter Go Getter Template. Value: $47)
    • Client Portal Guide [Questionnaire]
    • Wedding Questionnaire [Questionnaire] (Signature Cait Potter Template. Value: $47)
    • Wedding Shot List & Timeline [Questionnaire] (Signature Cait Potter Template. Value: $47)
  • 2 Payment Plan templates to help you make sure you get paid on time, every time
  • Step-by-step video lessons for how to create ALL of the content needed in Dubsado, PLUS how to create the eight flexible & included workflows!

Total value: $4,882

You’ll leave with: 

Dubsado FINALLY set up to run your Wedding Photography business, WITHOUT needing to invest thousands in a specialist.


You will receive:

  • A Google Sheet of your workflows & canned email templates for customization
    • Links to copy your form templates (located within the same Google Sheet above)
  • An interactive training library to tell you what order to do everything in and how to do each step

Terms and Conditions

By using this product you are agreeing to my Terms and Conditions. This product is property of Cait Potter, LLC and should not be resold, re-shared, or redistributed to anyone else. THERE IS NO COMMERCIAL LICENSE FOR THIS PRODUCT. YOU CANNOT PURCHASE THIS TO INSTALL IN OTHERS’ DUBSADO ACCOUNT.



All products are meant to be used inside your own business and it is illegal to use them with other accounts, share, or redistribute them.

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