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Strategy Session

The 1:1 Strategy Session is designed for creatives who want guidance and direction on the back end of their business. From identifying useful tools, to creating automations, to troubleshooting issues in your workflow, I am here to help!

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You keep finding yourself frustrated at a lack of consistency in your client experience.

Stop spinning yourself 'round in circles

You've sat down to map out your workflow a thousand times. You think, "today will be different. I'm going to get this thing DONE." You pour yourself a steaming hot cup of coffee in your favorite girl-power mug, sit down at your desk, grab your favorite pen, open your trusty notebook,
your mind goes as blank as the sheet of paper you're staring at.

Sister, it doesn't have to be this way.

Imagine what it will be like to...

Understand key success factors in your client experience so you can start to reach your goals, not just dream about them.
Start automating time consuming tasks so that you can spend less time IN your business and more time ON your business.

Stop spinning your wheels with an inconsistent workflow, constantly stuck with more to-dos than you can get through.

Have a clear, optimized, roadmap of your workflow so that every client receives the same stellar experience.

Finally have THAT person you can bounce business ideas around with and figure out how to implement your best ones.

Be 100% confident that all of your daily business tasks are taken care of and your clients are happy.

if you said "yAAASSSSSs" to 1 or more of these, it's time to make a change.

(keep on reading to find out how)

- Krissy

Cait was a great resource to put Dubsado into action in a way that made sense and worked best for my business. She is awesome!

INterior designer

it's time to get those mundane tasks off your to-do list and let automation do it for you.

Ready for next level success?

Let's go!

One 1:1 strategy session with me, up to 90 minutes long, where we troubleshoot your business-woes TOGETHER
Clarity on where you are in the process and what to do next (if we map your Dubsado workflows, you'll get the map and an Implementation Guide on what to do next in your Dubsado account!)
Video recording of call

when you book a call...

you'll leave with:

Confidence to move forward with the tools you need to create your dream client experience, all while spending LESS time at your computer

you'll feel:

All of this is valued at $1297

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Common Qs and As:

hey girl, i have a question...

Will this Call teach me how to use dubsado?

Not necessarily. The Strategy Session is designed to help you with whatever you need! That could include mapping out your client experience, troubleshooting directly in Dubsado, or talking about any other business systems you need help with!

what if i need more time?

If you think you need an intensive session to deep dive the business, shoot me an email at and tell me a bit more about your situation. We'll come up with a plan from there!

what will i receive after the call?

You will receive a recording of our call together and any materials that we create on the call together, (example: a flowchart to help you build your workflows or a content directory of assets for you to create!). Remember that you drive these calls, so what we create changes from client to client. IF however, we map you workflows, you'll also receive an Implementation Guide on how to DIY the rest of your Dubsado Setup.

Move forward today...

get ready for massive results.

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I've been in business long enough to understand that feeling that even when you're doing it ALL, you're still not doing ENOUGH. I want to help you get your client experience streamlined so that you can spend more time loving on your clients and perfecting your craft, rather than on sending the never-ending string of emails (payment reminders/ consultation reminders/session reminders/session prep guides/thank you so much emails/ sneak peek announcements/product ordering/etc. You know the drill.) If you're ready to cut the stress and start LIVING again, then it's time for us to get together.

Meet your guru

i'm here to help you take your business to new heights.

- Ashtyn

Cait's service was invaluable and I honestly would've paid 3-4x the price for her help. She is absolutely worth every penny!