Strategy Sessions are my most flexible service. If you're saying, "I've mostly got this, I just need a LITTLE help," then this is what you want to book. We can accomplish ANYTHING.

The strategy session includes:

One 1:1 strategy session with me, up to 90 minutes long, where we map your workflows and answer your burning system questions.
The opportunity to map out your process so that you can visually see all of your manual points of work, and where a system may be able to help you automate.

A copy of any of the materials or deliverables created during the session for your own use as you implement the improvements into your business.
Video recording of call so that you can reference it if you ever need a refresher!

You'll Leave with:

Confidence to move forward with the tools you need to create your dream client experience, all while spending LESS time at your computer.

get 90 minutes of 1:1 system expertise with cait for just


get started!

they love it, and so will you!

"HIRE HER! She is worth every penny and more. Having someone who is super knowledgeable, not just about Dubsado, but about workflows and strategy makes a world of difference. She was able to see holes in my workflow, address pain points and provide easy solutions for better automation in my business. Not only did she save me time, but the strategies we implemented will save me money by automating tasks my VA used to do manually. Double win!"

"I can tell you with confidence that with the changes we’ve made, I feel as though I’ll be saving not only time, but money on manual tasks I was paying a VA to do."

- michelle, PHOTOGRAPHER -

"She's become my go-to digital system setups gal for me, the non-techy, no-systems business owner that has not only increased my productivity, but has relieved my stress level after working with her. If a client of mine has experienced a tech snafu, I can immediately let my client know it will get fixed because I know who to call.  My clients love me even more because I have you to support me behind-the-scenes. ♥︎"

"Cait is so good at what she does that she pulls everything out of my brain that needs I didn't even know was there. As an interior designer, thanks for being there so that I can be an expert in that and not have to be an expert in a CRM tool too."

- kylie, interior designer -

"Thank you so much, Cait. You make this whole experience incredibly easy for me. It felt like a paint-by-numbers picture from the time I scheduled the session with you. I was thoroughly impressed with your well-ironed process. You've obviously done this many, many times and have developed a system I've not seen anyone else come close to. Now I'm confident and looking forward to implementing the workflows we developed together."

"You make this whole experience incredibly easy for me. It felt like a paint-by-numbers picture from the time I scheduled the session with you. I was thoroughly impressed with your well-ironed process."

- kim, bookkeeper -

why work with me?


Listen, I’ve dedicated my career to putting business systems to the test! I’ve worked with many business owners to customize and automate their workflows, saving them time and money! Now they’re focused on doing what they’re passionate about instead of drowning in repetitive admin tasks. Now I’m ready to help YOU do the same!

xo, Cait

let's work together

wait wait wait, i gotta question.

What if I need more than 90 minutes?

If you think you need an intensive session to deep dive the business, shoot me an email at and tell me a bit more about your situation. Most likely, we'll end up booking a regular Strategy Session first to see if that will cover everything we need, and if we agree you need more time after that, we'll come up with a plan from there!

what will I receive after the call?

You will receive a recording of our call together and any materials that we create on the call together, (example: a flowchart to help you build your workflows or a content directory of assets for you to create!). Remember that you drive these calls, so what we create changes from client to client. If we map your Dubsado workflows, you'll receive an Implementation Guide on how to DIY the rest of your Setup.

will this call teach me how to use a system?

Not necessarily. The Strategy Session is designed to help you with whatever you need! That could include mapping out your client experience, troubleshooting directly in Dubsado, HoneyBook, Airtable, or heck, even a Google Spreadsheet. It could also encompass talking through strategy or questions for any other business systems you need help with!

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tech stack consulting

I’m here to analyze your biz needs, thoroughly research and vet the best tools on the market, and then provide you with a comprehensive recommendation report!

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custom crm dashboard creation

Sick of checking a million places to know what's going on in your biz? Let's build a dashboard that pulls in data automatically to give you a bird’s eye view of your biz.

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strategy session

Just need some direction to get going in the right direction? I'll tell you exactly what to do to get your workflows to match the process you've got in your head!

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