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I am so excited for the opportunity to share your platform with the people who will love it most.

System Spotlight

About the Spotlights

System Spotlights are an amazing way for more people, the RIGHT people, to learn about your product. As you may or may not know, there are people out there who love to work within systems, not for any rhyme or reason, but just because they love learning tools, organizing, and even more- they LOVE helping business owners who have OTHER passions use these tools to their fullest extent so that they can focus on what they love.

System Spotlight demos are available for viewing to hundreds of system-specific setup pros, system integrators, virtual assistants, and people who just downright love learning about new tools and singing their praises for what they do best.

system spotlight process

We will connect for a 1:1 tour/demo of the system with just me, and I'll share more about how the Spotlights work.

Then we will schedule your official Spotlight- a 1 hour demo where we will go LIVE in my Facebook group of 850+ Systems Pros

During the Spotlight, you'll provide an overview of what your system is, what it does best, and then show us around. 

With about 15 minutes left, we'll open up the call for Q&A so that pros have a chance to engage with you!

entrepreneurs in biz for over a year

Who is Watching?

Most people who specialize in systems started in some other industry and transitioned over. They KNOW how to run a successful biz.

94% women, ages 25-40

Men make up about 4% of the group population, and only about 13% are over the age of 45

system enthusiasts

Some specialize in one particular system and others have their hands in a bit of everything. They all UNIQUELY LOVE the power of systems.

primarily in the u.s.

  1. United States
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Philippines
  4. Australia 
  5. Canada

I started this business because I LOVE helping overwhelmed entrepreneurs take back their life with smart systems and tools.

If you've found yourself here, it probably means that you also have a love for systems; that you want to help others actualize their automation dreams; that you want to empower your clients to OWN their business in every way.

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to learn more about how your solution can help others achieve their dreams and live their purpose!

I'm Cait, your Systems Ambassador

Common Qs and As:

i have a question...


A captive audience of people who are interested in your system and are likely to become customers and to refer your platform to your ideal customer, over and over!

what kind of perks should i be planning to provide?

The Spotlight will be available live to nearly 900 people, and then after that, special offers will be available to my membership program, The Dub Club. The Dub Club has 25-100 members at any given time. Free accounts, special affiliate links, and training opportunities are a great starting point for offers.

How much does it cost to be spotlighted?

$0! This program is in service of community over competition. I'm not looking for cash, I'm looking to connect my people with your platform! That said, if you have any kind of affiliate/referral link where I could earn commissions from my audience signing up, I'll gladly accept!

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