Airtable: A database in a spreadsheet

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good Google spreadsheet and I can make them do some insane things, but Airtable is hands down the best SMART spreadsheet I’ve ever used. You can literally organize ANYTHING, from relationship management to task management to project planning to inventory tracking. 

Planning a wedding? Use Airtable to track guests, venues, and gifts. Apartment hunting? Keep track of the properties you like, need to tour, and share with your future roommate. Use it to manage projects, organize customer relationships, catalog your inventory, or make reusable checklists. Even our friends over at CloudSpot use Airtable! 

Airtables Best Features

  1. Airtable has all of the spreadsheet functions you’re familiar with while bringing extra perks to the table without complicated formulas. One of the best features? The ability to upload and attach files to specific records/rows in the spreadsheet!
  2. Expanded view- For example, if you use Airtable to organize a book collection, clicking an author in the BOOKS table gives you a pop-up window with information from the AUTHORS table. This makes it so that you don’t have to go back and forth and you can see all the information about a particular author (or venue or client or vendor) in one spot! 
  3. It’s online, which means you can access all of your up-to-date information at ANY time from ANY device
  4. Share it with as many people as you need, FOR FREE! You can share with colleagues with varying levels of permission, or you can share publicly with clients with view-only mode. 
  5. Embed a spreadsheet in a website! Have a list of recommended vendors you want to send easily? Embed the table on a webpage and send your clients directly there. This makes you look suuuuper professional to your clients, but also ensures that any time you update your information, you don’t forget to update it on your marketing materials. 
  6. FORMS! Put together simple forms and ask clients to fill out the information. The information will automatically be input into your spreadsheet and linked to existing records in accordance with how you set it up!

Not only does Airtable provide you with a ton of awesome database functions for FREE but it also has some awesome Zapier integrations. Use the integration to send clients customized messages, kickoff email campaigns, build a feedback loop, and more!

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