Contract for System Strategists: Protect yourself before you wreck yourself

I’ve gotten so many questions about my contract for Dubsado Setups, so it seemed like the right time to talk about what your contract should include as a Dubsado Setup Pro.

Contract Clauses

My contract includes the clauses below. Note that these are described, NOT in legal terms. You should contact a lawyer about what your contract should include. Cait Potter is not legally responsible for use of this language.

  1. Conditions: agreement does not take effect until both parties have signed.
  2. Scope of services: the invoice item names & amounts smart field which includes a detailed description of each item included in the offer.
  3. Additional services: If the client requests additional work beyond what’s described above, there will be additional charges.
  4. Compensation: the total cost of the package is {{job.invoice | total}}.
  5. Invoicing and payment: 50% of the fee is due up front. The rest will be paid on the following schedule: {{paymentSchedule | paymentScheduleFilter}}.
  6. Method of payment: The payment methods I accept.
  7. Expenses: If a project requires me to incur additional expenses, I will check with the client before purchasing. If the client approves the expense, they must reimburse me for it.
  8. Materials: I use my own materials and resources to complete these services (think: I provide my own laptop)
  9. Duration of work: If the contract is canceled before the project is complete, the client will pay for the number of hours I have worked so far.
  10. Communication: Both parties agree to respond within a reasonable amount of time during ordinary working hours. This also names the hours I do NOT respond during.
  11. Contact with Clients: I will not contact my client’s clients for any reason.
  12. Confidentiality: I agree not to share materials developed during the project with others unless given express permission.
  13. Login Details: Any passwords that need to be shared will be done in a secure manner and the client is responsible for changing their password again at the end of our work together.
  14. Liability: I am not responsible for loss, damage, or delay of the project due to circumstances beyond my control.
  15. Inactive/abandoned projects: If I have no response from the client within 10 days, the project is inactive and work will stop. If I have no response from the client within 21 days, the project is abandoned and work will not resume until the remainder of the fee is paid, new fees may be instituted, and restart date will be subject to my availability.

I hope this is helpful as a base for getting started on your contract for Dubsado Setups!

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