Create a “Not a Good Fit” Sequence in Dubsado

Simplifying “Good Fit” and “Not Good Fit” Workflows in Dubsado

When it comes to managing client interactions efficiently, having a streamlined workflow is essential. However, Dubsado doesn’t provide a direct way to set up workflows that account for two different paths when someone is “good fit” OR “not good fit”, or when you are”available” OR “not available”. But fear not! I’ve got a workaround that allows you to simplify the process and automate the appropriate email based on the individual need. Let’s dive in.

Dubsado workflows are linear.

Dubsado workflows go in a straight line. There are no paths or splits (that is “this or that”). Instead, you will build an entire workflow for “this” and an entire workflow for “that”. So basically, we need 2 workflows to accomplish our goal.

Workflow One: Main Sequence

  1. Workflow one is going to be whatever happens BEFORE your decision point. So if you have a discovery call or send/evaluate a questionnaire before deciding, that all needs to be in that workflow.
  2. After that, you have your decision point. Use the action “Create To Do”. The to do content will be to “Check off this to do to continue booking. If not a good fit or not available, manually start the not available workflow.”
  3. Then have your workflow continue IF you check off the to do. So if your next step is to send a booking form, your next workflow action will be “send form” with the trigger “after all previous actions complete”. So the form will NOT go unless you check off the to do.
  4. You can then continue your workflow with your follow up sequence!

Workflow Two: Not a Good Fit Sequence

Your Not a Good Fit workflow will be much more simple. I usually recommend 4 actions:

  1. Change Project Status to Not a Good Fit after workflow started
  2. Add Tag Not a Good Fit after workflow started
  3. Send Email after workflow started notifying the client that you will not be able to serve them. Craft a thoughtful message to express your decision and provide any necessary information or recommendations.
  4. Archive project after all previous actions complete [This keep your workspace organized and maintain clarity on active leads & clients.]

This workflow is short and simple, but takes the emotion out of an otherwise un-fun interaction you have to have with a lead. Although we don’t want to think about it, it’s better to think about it when things are calm rather than in the moment!

Here’s an example of a “not a good fit” email to get you started.

Hi {{client.firstName}},

Thank you so much for reaching out. After learning more about your [needs/vision], I’ve realized that unfortunately I don’t think I’m the best fit for your needs at this time. 

Even though I won’t be able to work with you, I am happy to refer you to some of my most trusted industry colleagues:


I wish you all the best,


By following this workaround strategy, you can simplify the process and ensure that you send the appropriate email based on your client’s fit.

Make sense?

While Dubsado may not offer a direct way to set up workflow actions with two paths like “good fit” and “not a good fit” within a single workflow, implementing this simple workaround can help you streamline your process.

By structuring your workflow to progress assuming the client is a good fit and creating a separate workflow to handle not-so-perfect matches, you can automate the appropriate email communication effortlessly. With these steps, you’ll save time, enhance efficiency, and maintain a professional approach in managing un-fun lead interactions.

PLUS, once you get used to this structure, you can use this in other custom places throughout your own workflow where different things need to happen based on some decision-point!

If you’re looking to optimize your workflow further or need assistance in leveraging automation software effectively, make sure to check out the Dubsado page to see all the ways I can help you achieve operational excellence and boost your business success!

Happy automating!

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