Why I chose Dubsado over HoneyBook

When it comes to choosing the right CRM and automation platform for your business, considering key features and capabilities is crucial. In this comparison blog, we’ll delve into the advantages of Dubsado and highlight its whitelabeling functionality and superior automation capabilities. By understanding how Dubsado outshines HoneyBook in these aspects, you’ll gain valuable insights to make an informed decision for your business needs.

Where HoneyBook Excels

HoneyBook is a beautiful and modern-feeling platform. When you first login, you might enjoy how HoneyBook feels more than Dubsado. HoneyBook also does an excellent job of making it easy to learn their platform. They’ve got lots of pop-ups and tutorials, plus the entire platform is fairly intuitive. If you’re currently managing everything on post-its or in notebooks, starting with HoneyBook is a great way to start getting the hang of keeping all of your information in one place and creating TEMPLATES.

But if you’re an established business with a full client roster and need to be able to put some time back in your day, let me tell you about why Dubsado might be a better fit.

Whitelabeling: Dubsado Puts Your Brand Front and Center

One significant advantage of Dubsado over HoneyBook is its powerful whitelabeling feature. Dubsado allows you to personalize the platform’s appearance and seamlessly integrate your brand, putting it front and center in all client interactions. Here’s where Dubsado makes sure that everything matches your brand:

  • Domain whitelabeling: You can hook up Dubsado to your website domain, which means that whenever you send any kind of URL, your client will never see the “Dubsado” name
  • Forms you can fully design and customize, even with custom code. Forms are a blank canvas where you can make them look EXACTLY like your website, with or without custom code. The form URLs will not say the “Dubsado” name with Domain whitelabeling.
  • Emails come from your actual email address. You can’t design them up like an email marketing email, but they look like a real email that you hand-wrote every single time the system sends an email for you. Again, Dubsado’s name is never featured in the emails at any point (unlike HoneyBook, which puts their logo in emails!)
  • Client Portal: You can fully customize the client portal, with: design- changing the banner and colors, with the domain whitelabeling mentioned above so that the client doesn’t see the Dubsado name, and the client does not have to make any kind of Dubsado account to login to their portal. On HoneyBook, clients are asked to create a HoneyBook account in order to log in to their portal.

This whitelabeling capability provides several benefits:

  1. Enhanced Professionalism: Presenting a cohesive brand experience throughout your client interactions elevates your professionalism and fosters trust. With Dubsado, every touchpoint reflects your brand, reinforcing your unique identity and establishing a memorable impression.
  2. Brand Visibility: By showcasing your brand prominently, you increase your brand visibility and recognition. Clients will associate your business with the exceptional services you provide, reinforcing your position as a trusted industry expert.
  3. Seamless Client Experience: Consistency in branding across all client interactions contributes to a seamless experience. From proposal delivery to invoicing and client communication, Dubsado ensures that your brand shines through, strengthening your client relationships.

Superior Automation Capabilities: Streamlining Your Workflow

Another key advantage of Dubsado over HoneyBook lies in its superior automation capabilities. Dubsado offers a robust set of automation features that empower you to streamline your workflow, save time, and improve efficiency.

This may be a crude way to do it, but I want to demonstrate the difference in just how much work would be taken off your plate between the 2 systems.

Here is a list of automations actions available in HoneyBook:

  1. Send Email
  2. Send Smart File (form)
  3. Create Task

Here is a list of automations actions available in Dubsado:

  1. Change Project Status
  2. Add Tag
  3. Send Email
  4. Send Form
  5. Create To Do
  6. Send Contract
  7. Send Primary Invoice
  8. Create Invoice
  9. Activate Client Portal
  10. Deactivate Client Portal
  11. Pause Workflow
  12. Hold Actions Until
  13. Send Appointment Scheduler / Appointment Scheduler Group
  14. Start a Workflow
  15. Archive Project

Don’t get too caught up in what these actions actually are, because if you’re not familiar with either system then you might feel lost. The point is to compare the possibilities of each platform.

I am all about working smarter, not harder. If a system can do 5 times the number of automation to take work off my plate, that’s exactly what I’m going to use. Dubsado saves me well over xx hours per year, and I get to spend those hours writing helpful blogs like this with my Taylor Swift soundtrack mix in the background or binging XO, Kitty or reading my 347394th Colleen Hoover book. The point is, it doesn’t really matter what I do with the hours, they’re MY hours!

The clear winner: Dubsado

When comparing Dubsado and HoneyBook, it’s clear that Dubsado offers distinct advantages in terms of whitelabeling and automation capabilities. With Dubsado’s whitelabeling features, you can put your brand at the forefront, enhancing professionalism, brand visibility, and delivering a seamless client experience. Moreover, Dubsado’s superior automation capabilities empower you to streamline your workflow, automate repetitive tasks, and improve overall efficiency.

If you prioritize a strong brand presence and desire advanced automation features like I do, Dubsado is really the only choice.

If you’re ready to experience the power of Dubsado for your business, schedule a discovery call with me! I’m here to assist you in implementing and maximizing the benefits of this versatile (sometimes kinda complicated) platform.

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