Google Sheet/Doc Copy Hack

For some of us, we want to share a google sheet or google doc with our clients, but we want them to make their own copy of it, not edit ours. Rather than giving them detailed directions on how to make a copy of the file (only for them to not understand), just follow this google sheet/doc copy hack instead!

  1. Open your file in Google Drive
  2. Click “Share” as usual
  3. Make sure the sharing permissions are set to “viewer”
  4. Copy the link and open it in a new tab
  5. On the backend of the link you’ll see something like “edit?usp=sharing”. Change the word “edit” to “copy” OR “template/preview”
  6. Save/copy that link and share it wherever you need to! Those that you share it with will be taken directly to a screen that looks like the below!

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