7 Steps to Use Dubsado for Group Trainings

Are you constantly juggling registrations for your group trainings or webinars? Is the chaos of managing participants, payments, and scheduling leaving you overwhelmed and exhausted? If so, you’re not alone! Many educators and trainers struggle with organizing group training sessions without a proper system in place. If you host free or paid group trainings or webinars and are NOT using Dubsado to manage this process, you are missing out on some amazing functionality in a tool you’re *already paying for*. I hate when people aren’t squeezing as much value as possible out of their existing systems, so let’s fix that. Keep reading to learn exactly how to use Dubsado for group trainings.

Why Choose Dubsado for Group Trainings?

Dubsado is a powerful tool that streamlines your entire group training process. From registration to reminders and follow-ups, Dubsado’s intuitive features allow you to create a seamless experience for both you and your participants.

  1. Simplified Registration Process: With Dubsado, you can create custom registration forms that capture essential client information, such as names and emails. Plus, if you offer free or paid group trainings, Dubsado allows you to set up lead capture or public proposals, making the registration process a breeze.
  2. Efficient Communication: Say goodbye to manual reminder emails! Dubsado enables you to create automated reminder emails using smart fields, dynamically filling in the date and time of the group training. This feature saves you time and ensures participants never miss a session.
  3. Smooth Scheduler Integration: Dubsado’s scheduler functionality lets you set the availability of your group training sessions and allows participants to book their spots conveniently. You can even limit the number of registrations if needed, ensuring a manageable group size.
  4. Post-Registration Workflow: Once your registrants have paid (or if it’s a free training), Dubsado’s Post-Registration Workflow helps you stay organized and collect any additional information you may need from participants.
  5. Plus a bunch of other stuff you didn’t even KNOW you needed!

Here’s how to set up Dubsado for your group trainings:


Create your Registration Form

First up, you need to create your registration form. It must request the client’s first name, last name, and email, mapped to the appropriate fields in Dubsado. Those are the things required for the TECHNICAL side of it, but from the BUSINESS side- you also need to collect anything else that would be required or helpful for you as you plan/host the group training.

  • If it’s a free group training, create it as a lead capture
  • If it’s a paid group training, create it as a public proposal

    In this case, you won’t be toggling on the contract NOR the invoice on the proposal! Keep reading to find out how to make it a paid training!

If you sign up for the FREE mini training at the bottom of this blog, you’ll get to directly copy a FREE lead capture or public proposal into your Dubsado account!


Create your scheduler emails

  • Registration Confirmation email
  • Create your group training Reminder email(s)

For all of the emails you create as part of this step, make sure that you are using the smart fields under the “appointment” menu in the canned emails area. This will allow you to dynamically fill in the date and time of the group training so that you can use this same setup over and over. Here are some common ones you may find helpful:

  1. Title: {{appointment.title}}
  2. Date: {{appointment.start | mediumDate}}
  3. Start Time: {{appointment.start | shortTime}}

Note that you most likely will NOT want to use the “Location” smart field to fill in the link for the group training because you don’t want that link to be publicly available, (because if it’s publicly available, why would they bother registering/paying?). So instead, you need to fill in a static link where the group training is taking place, do NOT use a smart field!

If you sign up for the FREE mini training at the bottom of this blog, you’ll get 2 FREE email templates!


Create your Scheduler

Under BASIC settings:

  1. Fill in the title of the group training
  2. Fill in the “availability” of the group training. If you are only hosting one, then this should only have one time slot for the date and time of the training.
  3. In the setting right below the availability area, make sure the setting for “Once booked, show me as” is set to AVAILABLE! This is something very different for most applications of the scheduler and is NOT the default! You will not be able to collect multiple registrations if this setting is wrong.
  4. You do not need to fill in the location or an email for sending the scheduler, because this tutorial is showing you how to publicly post the scheduler (not email it) and is directing you to send a static location after registration.

Under ADVANCED settings:

  1. If you have a limited number of spots in the group training, set the “Allow scheduler be used X time(s)” settings to be equal to the number of registrations you are allowing. If it is open to any number, leave this blank.
  2. Hook up your custom registration confirmation email
  3. Select your public proposal under “Additional Form”
  4. Do not bother with a Redirect URL! It won’t work since we have a form attached.
  5. If the training is PAID – toggle ON the “Invoice” and create a line item for the cost. This will force the registrant to pay in order to officially reserve their spot.
  6. Under “notification” – hook up and set the timing for the REMINDER emails you wrote above

If you sign up for the FREE mini training at the bottom of this blog, you’ll get screenshots to help you make sure your settings match what’s listed here!


Create your Post-Registration Workflow

Once the registrant has paid, OR if it’s a free training, we’re ready for the Post-Registration Workflow. Now remember, your scheduler is going to send them their confirmation and reminder emails, so we don’t need to do that in this workflow. Instead, this workflow should mainly be focused on:

  1. Keeping YOU organized (automatically) and
  2. Collecting any other needed information from registrants. If nothing else is needed from them, this will be pretty easy!

Remember that before you make your workflows, you’ll need to create all assets listed here such as:

  • Project Statuses
  • Tags
  • Group Training Questionnaires
  • A clear plan for a call-to-action after the training

If you sign up for the FREE mini training at the bottom of this blog, you’ll get the EXACT workflow I recommend for group trainings- every single action and trigger you’ll need!


Create your Abandoned Cart Workflow (Paid trainings only)

As the heading says, this is only required if you’re trying to use Dubsado for a PAID group training. See, when we are using a scheduler with the invoice enabled- Dubsado is great in that it does NOT reserve the client’s spot if they don’t pay…


If they complete the form attached to the scheduler (the 2nd step), and then exit at the invoice (the 3rd step), the workflow attached will have started even though they didn’t pay, so we need to make sure they don’t get any emails or workflow actions until they pay!

Here’s what to set up in your workflow:

Remember, you’ll need to create the following before you can make this workflow:

  • Project Statuses
  • Emails

Here is another blog I wrote about general abadoned cart workflows!

If you sign up for the FREE mini training at the bottom of this blog, you’ll get the EXACT workflow I recommend for your GROUP TRAINING abandoned cart workflow- every single action and trigger you’ll need!


Head back to your lead capture or public proposal created in Step 1 and hook up your new workflow!

  • If your training is paid, you’ll hook up the Abandoned Cart Workflow.
  • If your training is free, you’ll hook up the Post-Registration Workflow.


Take it live! Embed your scheduler on your website or start sharing its link publicly so that you can begin collecting registrations for your group training in Dubsado! The best part, is that you should be able to duplicate this structure to use Dubsado for group trainings you plan in the future!

Ready to Elevate Your Group Trainings with Dubsado?

By harnessing Dubsado’s robust features, you can transform the way you manage group trainings, saving you hours of administrative work and providing a seamless experience for your attendees. To access the full training with detailed how-tos, valuable screenshots, and TEMPLATES!!!!, sign up with your email address.

Don’t miss this opportunity to maximize the potential of your group trainings while enjoying a stress-free and organized process. Let Dubsado empower you to focus on what truly matters—delivering top-notch content and helping your participants thrive!

Take the first step towards efficiency today by embracing Dubsado for your group trainings and revolutionize the way you educate, inspire, and connect with your audience!

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