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Refresh alllll the corners of your business in 2022 with these 20 Canva templates for just $22. Over 65 pages of design in these 20 templates!

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Included Designs:

  1. Domain Names Preview. If you ever share a link to a Dubsado form or the client portal on social media, there will be a social media image and description preview. Use the template below to make sure that preview is on brand!
  2. Favicon. When anyone opens a Dubsado form or scheduler from you, the tab logo will show DUBSADO’s information. Change that so your clients know they’re working with YOU rather than some logo they don’t recognize.
  3. Desktop Client Portal Banner. If you’re using the Dubsado Client Portal with your clients, you want to make sure it’s a beautifully branded and white labeled online space. Your clients should only see YOUR brand. Check out these two client portal banners that even use GIFs to bring the design to life!
  4. Mobile Client Portal Banner. (See Above)
  5. Form Header. Make a BIG impression on your clients when they open your forms.
  6. Section Headings. Make forms beautiful and easy to understand by putting the information in easily groupable and identifiable sections. These headings will help you not only with the design element of this, but with ideas of what your form sections should be!
  7. About You. Make sure that YOU are at the forefront of your brand. Don’t be afraid to talk about yourself at every chance you get.
  8. Package Accents. In proposals when you are presenting pricing, you want to make sure it’s as GORGEOUS as possible. Use Package Accents to differentiate between your various offerings.
  9. Testimonials. After you present pricing, remind your clients that you are worth EVERY penny by beautifully spotlighting kind words from past happy clients.
  10. Next Steps. Clients should know exactly what comes NEXT at every single step of your process. Eliminate any questions they may have about what they should expect by filling a simple process into this GORGEOUS Next Steps template.
  11. Footer. Wrap it all up with a beautiful, succinct bow in the footer!
  12. Client Portal Guide Screenshots. If you’re using the Client Portal Guide, make sure that you’re giving your clients a detailed guide on how it works. You can get a FREE version of the Client Portal Guide inside Dubsado > Templates > Forms > Template Library. When you locate this form template and add it to your account, you will see that there are screenshots of Dubsado’s own portal in the form. Switch those out for your own screenshots, using this convenient template that makes it easier to get sizing correct and beautiful in the form!
  13. Blog Covers. Even if you hate blogging, chances are that you’ve already got a few posts written, or that inspiration will randomly strike you. Be prepared with a beautiful blog cover for your website!
  14. Video Thumbnail. YouTube is one of the fastest growing sources of leads for TONS of businesses out there. If you aren’t out there talking about what you do and why, you should be. Grab this video thumbnail template so that all of your videos look top notch professional. (This will be especially helpful for those of you who have or need a training library and took part in my 5 day challenge!)
  15. Email Signature Picture. I’m a firm believer that YOU are the face of your brand, so your face should be everywhere. Make sure it’s in your email signature as well! This template helps you get your email signature picture cut down to the appropriate size, and gives you a few awesome options on image shape!
  16. Instagram Post Templates. There are a few social media design templates that you should have on hand so that you can easily throw them up when you find the need, this list includes:
    • Sharing any affiliate codes you have that allow you to generate passive income with your favorite services/products;
    • Announcing when you have a new blog;
    • Announcing when you are hosting or speaking at events!
  17. Instagram Story Templates. (See above)
  18. Referral Program Swipe Graphics. If you’re not running a Referral Program yet, this is your sign to START! The best referral source is your past clients. Even if you don’t offer them anything, if they loved working with you, they’ll be happy to recommend you to their friends, especially if you have beautiful graphics that they can just throw their colors on and use! EASY PEASY!
  19. Facebook Group Cover Photo. If you are running a Facebook Group, make sure that your brand is showing up strong there too! Show off your face AND your offers!
  20. Email Project Tracker Update. This goes back to keeping your clients up to date on what they should expect at every single step. Although the content filled in to this design is specific to those who offer Dubsado Setups, you can easily update the content to fit for the phases of the work YOU do, so that your clients are always CRYSTAL CLEAR on what comes NEXT!

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