Dubsado Pro Questionnaire Bundle




  • Onboarding Kit
  • Implementation Kit
  • Signature Offboarding Kit



The best way to serve your clients is to be thoughtful about the ways you collect information from them; what should be in a questionnaire vs. in a conversation? What’s the right time in the process to ask those questions? This questionnaire covers everything that you should ask your setup clients BEFORE you ever get started on their project.

The Onboarding Questionnaire Covers:

  • Onboarding Questionnaire which helps you: collect basic client brand information, collect information required to create Dubsado templates & artifacts, set context for your client as they consider their own client experience, and provides clear next steps for the client to build trust and authority
  • An email series designed to walk your client through the process step-by-step in a clear, digestible manner so that they are 100% on the same page with you and have clear expectations
  • Cait’s exact Dubsado DFY Onboarding workflow so that you can get a peek behind the curtain at the process that builds a 5-star client experience!


Doing a Dubsado Setup requires the transfer of a RIDICULOUS amount of information from your client, to you, so that you can get set up the back end of their business in a way that’s perfect for THEM. The best way to transfer ridiculous amounts of information is to be really super clear about the information that you need for every single teeny tiny item. That’s where the genius of the Implementation Kit comes in.

The Implementation Questionnaire Covers:

  • 2 formats of the Implementation Questionnaire which covers nitty gritty information about all of the teeny tiny details that you need to know for every single asset you’re going to create for the client including forms, emails, schedulers, and odds & ends
    • Format 1: An actual Dubsado Questionnaire that can be beautifully designed and customized to your brand. An extremely easy experience for the client, with a little work on the back end for you. This includes. Video walkthrough of questionnaire and how I build it, which provides detailed insight into how I structure my own process!
    • Format 2: An AUTOGENERATING version of the questionnaire created in Google Sheets. If you have the Workflow Builder, it connects directly there, which means that the entirety of the questionnaire generates AUTOMATICALLY!! This literally saves you HOURS *PER CLIENT*. You also receive a Dubsado Questionnaire to be used for sending the Google Sheet Worksheet, so that you can still automate reminders and a completion alert.
  • An email series designed to keep your client informed of where you are in the process so that they feel confident that their project is moving and never have to wonder whether you’ve forgotten about them!
  • Cait’s exact DFY Implementation Workflow, which is designed to come after the DFY Onboarding workflow but before the DFY Offboarding workflow, providing you with the missing link between onboarding and project completion!


Set your clients up for success after their setup with an Offboarding Kit that tells them exactly what to do next. Comes with some suggested topics & is ready for your customization!

The Offboarding Kit Includes:

  • A Detailed Next Steps Guide with a recommended follow-up support schedule for your clients
  • An email series you can customize to walk your client through the follow up support schedule
  • A Canva design to enhance your follow-up support email series
  • Cait’s exact Dubsado offboarding workflow!!


  1. 4 one-click copy Dubsado Questionnaires
  2. A one-click copy Google Sheet with the autogenerating Implementation Questionnaire information
  3. 3 one-click copy Google Docs with email series that you can copy to your account to personalize before pasting into Dubsado
  4. 3 one-click copy Google Spreadsheet detailing my exact workflows

Due to limitations in Dubsado’s functionality, you will NOT be able to download the form as a PDF. Instead, you’re purchasing access to the form content which you can copy and modify to fit your business as you manually recreate the form in your own Dubsado account. YOU ARE PURCHASING CONTENT ONLY FOR ALL OF THE ABOVE ITEMS. You WILL be able to one-click copy the form into your account without ANY design elements. The ONLY content that will copy is actual form content, NO design!

You will have access to all updates at the live link and may receive email notifications about these updates periodically.

All products are meant to be used inside your own business and it is illegal to use them with other accounts, share, or redistribute them.

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