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Dubsado Setup Offboarding Kit

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Serve your clients and your own purpose by EMPOWERING them to own their system. When a client hires you to do a Dubsado Setup, it usually means that they lack the expertise and/or capacity to get it done themselves. Once your work with them is complete, they now have a beautiful new automated client journey, but still NO IDEA how to use it.  That’s why I created my Dubsado Client Offboarding Kit, to teach my clients how to become an expert on their custom setup.


  • A Detailed Next Steps Guide with a recommended follow-up support schedule for your clients for you to recreate in your own Dubsado account
  • An email series you can customize to walk your client through the follow up support schedule
  • 1 Canva design to enhance your follow-up support email series
  • Cait’s exact Dubsado offboarding workflow!!


A resource designed to provide value to your clients and set them up for success and empower them to OWN their Dubsado moving forward (plus an EXACT process you can implement in your own workflow to improve your client experience!).


  1. Online access to my live version of the Next Steps Guide
  2. A one-click copy Dubsado Questionnaire (which houses the Next Steps Guide)
  3. A one-click copy Canva template you can customize to fit your brand
  4. A one-click copy Google Doc with email series that you can copy to your account to personalize before pasting into Dubsado
  5. A one-click copy Google Spreadsheet detailing my exact workflow

You will have access to all updates at the live link and may receive email notifications about these updates periodically.

Due to limitations in Dubsado’s functionality, you will NOT be able to download the form as a PDF. Instead, you’re purchasing access to the form content which you can copy and modify to fit your business as you manually recreate the form in your own Dubsado account. YOU ARE PURCHASING CONTENT ONLY FOR ALL OF THE ABOVE ITEMS. You WILL be able to one-click copy the form into your account without ANY design elements. The ONLY content that will copy is actual form content, NO design!


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All products are meant to be used inside your own business and it is illegal to use them with other accounts, share, or redistribute them.

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