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“Bloody brilliant. Feeling much more confident about maternity leave and letting my business tick over without me needing to be ON IT 24/7.”

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Done-For-You Dubsado Setup


Katie is a live illustrator based in the UK with a team working to scribe events across the globe, while leaving stuffiness behind. When I met Katie, we were in the throes of the pandemic, so she was balancing the old ways of her biz with a new virtual environment, and she was PREGNANT with her first child and ready to make sure that she had systems set up to support her and her business while she headed into this new season. We needed to make sure her setup included:

• Variations for clients inside and outside of the UK
• An *OPTIONAL* consultation that did not bog down the workflow with manual work
• Accommodations for booking both in person and virtual events
• An easy “not a good fit” workflow for when client events weren’t in line with her services

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Katie Chappell live illustrator Done-For-You Dubsado Setup

jaw-dropping results

The results of a Dubsado Setup are tangible. We can literally calculate the amount of time and money saved, year over year. Check out Katie Chappell Live Illustrator’s amazing outcomes:

• 661% Return on Investment in just one year
• 95% of client experience tasks are now automated
• 304 hours saved annually on booked client experience execution tasks
• That’s 38 work days of time saved per year!
• $7,600 saved annually on administrative tasks
• The ability to take maternity leave without a dip in business

my solution

Katie is an absolute mover and shaker in the live illustration world. In addition to scribing and illustrating corporate events herself, she also runs a global team to deliver these services all over the world, and offers education to other illustrators who are making their way through the world and figuring out their creative career.

At the time of our work together, the pandemic was in full swing. Katie had always previously offered her services in person, but had begun to pivot and offer services virtually. This smart move allowed her to stay in business (and invest in this package) in the midst of the pandemic, and it also opened up a whole new world of revenue potential when she discovered that she enjoyed doing the work remotely.

Katie most often works with corporate clients, so we knew that we wanted to facilitate taking payment as early in the process as possible, but we also knew that not all corporate clients would be able to pay upon booking due to the nature of accounting departments.

All of this meant that we needed to make it easy for clients to book both in person and virtual events, across the globe, accommodating for a team of multiple illustrators, while making payment both flexible but easy to collect.

We created a process wherein once a client inquires and availability was confirmed, the client would immediately receive a proposal. In that proposal email, they would be offered a consultation, if desired. If a client responded that they’d like one, Katie would simply manually start a consultation workflow that would email them a scheduler, and direct them back to their original proposal after the appointment. This allowed everything to live cleanly on one project and accommodated variation in client preferences with just a few clicks.

Once clients were booked, they’d receive a welcome to their client portal and ongoing FI-style information leading up to their event. All of this allowed Katie to largely just (1) check her availability and (2) show up to the event, without a whole lot of manual work in between.

In order to make all of this happen, I implemented:

• Workflows that triggered based on contract being signed in combination with…
• Flexible payment plans designed to be easily customizable for corporate clients
• Process steps to guide and assure clients every step of the way that their event was in good hands (literally)

client love note

“Today we had our first BIIIIG client go through the Dubsado system and everything worked perfectly! They paid upfront, signed a contract, they sent through all of the event info, the contract synced with my online bookkeeping system, it looked like I was really attentive and checking in with them before their event.

Bloody brilliant, thank you 🙂 Feeling much more confident about maternity leave and letting my business tick over without me needing to be ON IT 24/7.”

-Katie Chappell

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