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“This was hands down one of the best investments I could have made for my business.”

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Done-With-You Dubsado Setup


Mattie is a busy photographer offering Weddings, Portraits, and Boudoir services for her clients. As beautiful as Dubsado is for photographers, there are also a few intuitive things that photographers *want*, that Dubsado can’t do without strategic workarounds. Mattie wanted to make sure that she would understand her setup from the inside out, so we worked together on a Done-With-You Dubsado Setup where our goals were to:

• Make it easier for clients to book any of her 24 collections
• Automate as much as possible so that she could spend more time on PHOTOS and less on admin
• Create a replicable system for Mini Sessions so that she can book them ongoing without needing major system changes everytime

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jaw-dropping results

The results of a Dubsado Setup are tangible. We can literally calculate the amount of time and money saved, year over year. Check out Mattie’s amazing outcomes:

• 86% of client experience tasks are now automated
• 13 workflows
• 613 total hours saved on admin tasks per year!!
• $15,325 saved PER YEAR by not needing to hire a Virtual Assistant
• 4626% Return on Investment (for every $1 invested, Mattie got $46 back)

my solution

I created a detailed and completely custom plan for Mattie’s business. Together, we mapped 150 steps throughout her client experience for all of her services where she desperately needed help automating. We were able to automate 130 of those steps!

After the Process Mapping Session, she followed a detailed and strategic course that told her what to do, in what order, and how. These directions are available in video format, in written instruction, and with step-by-step screenshot guides.

Anywhere she got stuck, she was able to reach out to me and ask questions. With all of these resources available to her, she was FINALLY able to FINISH her Dubsado Setup. Not half-way, not with a bunch of improvements left to be made, not for only some services. She FINISHED IT. The Done-With-You Dubsado Setup service is unlike anything else out there, and is the CHEAPEST way to get a luxury Dubsado Setup without the price tag.

Here’s what else we implemented:

• Mattie finished her own Dubsado setup in just 4 weeks
• Her workflows are personal and deeply customized, while also being automated
• She has a deep understanding of her own system and can make all needed updates herself with absolute confidence

client love note

“This was hands down one of the best investments I could have made for my business. Switching CRM’s after YEARS of using a previous one is extremely hard. I had managed to navigate my way a little bit through all of the amazing information and resources through Dubsado itself, but was struggling when it came to figuring out the best way to automate my workflows and make my CRM do what I pay for it to do! Insert Cait! I had seen her respond to a LOT of my comments in the Dubsado Facebook Community and eventually checked out her services. I’ll have to admit I toggled with the idea of hiring her for awhile because I kept telling myself, “you’ll figure it out eventually” and finally I decided to pull the trigger on it. From the get-go the program was extremely straightforward as to what was required and also everything was laid out in a streamlined way that sets you up for success as long as you stay on top of your end! As soon as we had out strategy call, I felt a huge amount of relief that I was going to get my Dubsado set exactly how I want it because Cait’s processes are so well put together. I feel extremely confident in navigating my way through Dubsado and feel confident that whenever I add new services/options I’ll be able to set them up in the best way possible to succeed. Literally cannot recommend Cait and her services enough!”

-Mattie Sharp

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