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“I literally have never worked with a business owner who has their shit so thoroughly together and it’s refreshing.”

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Done-For-You Dubsado Setup


With over 30k instagram followers and based on Maui, Love + Water Photography is a high-end, high-volume business serving well over 300 clients per year run by power couple Shawn & Adam. When we began this project, Shawn was overwhelmed with the admin side of the business and she was desperate for some relief. Our goals were to:

• Automate as much as possible
• Streamline associate photographer bookings
• Accommodate dress rental add-ons
• Mirror iconic branding in Dubsado

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jaw-dropping results

The results of a Dubsado Setup are tangible. We can literally calculate the amount of time and money saved, year over year. Check out Love + Water’s amazing outcomes:

• 3287% Return on Investment
• 1759 hours saved per on client experience execution tasks
• 814 of those hours saved per year just on writing and sending emails
• 90% of client experience tasks are now automated
• Able to serve *more* clients and generate *more* revenue because of time saved

my solution

During our Process Mapping Session, we planned automated Dubsado workflows for multiple session types including Couples, Maternity, Boudoir, Lifestyle, and Elopements. When clients inquire with Love + Water Photography, they have the option to book Shawn & Adam on Maui, OR they can book an associate photographer if they’ll be on a different Hawaiian island. This meant that each service needed to be able to accommodate 2 different types of booking, though all of the steps for each service are the same.

I always value strategic simplicity in my Dubsado setups. I do not like to create multiple workflows that do basically the same things with just a few word changes here and there. I find that those types of setups are difficult to maintain in the long run, which results in increased errors going to clients and eventually total system abandonment. So with that in mind, multiple LEAD workflows were created to accommodate different proposals depending on the photographer being booked, and then were strategically split after that so that once a client booked, they could begin the same onboarding workflow, regardless of who their photographer is.

Additionally, with a growing team, Shawn needed an easier way to track and communicate with associate photographers regarding the status of their bookings, so we created workflows that made it easy to send all of the details of a new booking to associates, as well as to follow up with them after the session to ensure that all files were handed off on-time, every time.

Here’s what we implemented:

• Custom coded proposals to mirror the website & allow dress rentals
• Streamlined, non-repetitive workflows for clients
• Workflows to easily manage associate photographers

client love note

“There will be others who are less expensive, but every penny was well spent. I literally have never worked with a business owner who has their shit so thoroughly together and it’s refreshing. Our business is completely automated. Transformed. After 7 years with another CRM, I finally use workflows, and we even get tips. And the big selling point for me at least was that everything looks branded and beautiful! I noticed clients booking WAY quicker when they receive our new proposals. And it happened smoothly – once I imported all our shoots into Dubsado, we were up and running.”

-Shawn Ravazzano

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