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“I went from being embarrassed by having e-mails fire to a client at the wrong time, to a totally seamless client experience, in only 4 weeks!!”

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Done-With-You Dubsado Setup


Emily is a real go getter. Not only does she run her own mobile bar, but you may have also seen her around the Mobile Bev Pros community alongside Sarah Murphy as a leader helping other Mobile Bar owners create balanced, profitable businesses! I originally met Emily when she won a free Process Mapping Session in my Facebook Group, Busyness to Business. After her free session, she decided to upgrade to a paid Done-With-You Dubsado Setup experience so that she could finally get the whole shebang done! Her priorities were:

• Create wow-worthy experience to get her calendar booked out in her first year
• Automate as much of the client experience as possible to ensure that clients felt well taken care of
• Make it easy to see at a glance what dates are booked and what dates are available

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jaw-dropping results

The results of a Dubsado Setup are tangible. We can literally calculate the amount of time and money saved, year over year. Check out Emily’s amazing outcomes:

• Of the 1210 steps per year to execute her client experience for all clients, 1000 of them are automated
• 8 workflows
• 219 total hours saved on admin tasks per year!!
• $5,475 saved *per year* by not needing to hire a Virtual Assistant
• 1588% Return on Investment (for every $1 invested, Emily got $15.88 back)

my solution

Over the course of our 2 process mapping sessions (the experience usually only includes one but she was a Process Party winner), we mapped out all of her workflows for her Mobile Bar and Bartending Only services. I created a detailed and completely custom plan for Emily’s business, based on best practices from industry educator Sarah Murphy of Mobile Bev Pros. Together, we mapped 8 workflows containing 121 steps throughout her client experience for all of her services. I was so excited that we were able to automate 100 of those steps! For you math nerds, that’s 83% automatic and only 17% manual steps.

After the Process Mapping Session, she followed a detailed and strategic course that told her what to do, in what order, and how. Given the other obligations of life, she prioritized the service that was most important for her to complete in that moment, and now maintains access to the course to go back and automate more services as her busy schedule allows.

Emily took full advantage of her support period and asked me lenty of questions so that she can move forward with confidence. Emily quickly became a friend an we maintain that friendship to this day!

My Signature Done-With-You Dubsado Setup service is the most comprehensive do-it-yourself program out there, and it’s unlike anything else out there, and is the CHEAPEST way to get a luxury Dubsado Setup without the price tag.

Here’s what Emily accomplished in our work together:

• Finished a subset of her workflows in just 4 weeks
• Maintains lifetime access to a course that she can revisit as she prepares to launch new services, meaning she’ll never have to invest in Dubsado help again
• Rests easy knowing her clients are taken care off while she’s off conquering the bar world

client love note

“I waited 1 year + 6 months too long to invest in Cait Potter’s Done-for-you services but the minute I did, all of my business worries went away! I went from being embarrassed by having e-mails fire to a client at the wrong time, to a totally seamless client experience, in only 4 weeks!! It INSTANTLY leveled-up my business to make doubling my prices go off without a hitch. I now provide the totally luxury client experience I promise them, thanks to Cait!!”

-Emily DeAno

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