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Mill Pond Estate

“My time spent inside of Dubsado has been cut down by more than half!”

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Done-For-You Dubsado Setup


Mill Pond Estate is an outdoor wedding venue for stylish dreamers and romantics located in Tampa Bay, Florida. It’s not just any venue, it’s a family property, which means that the love that goes into running the venue and putting on weddings and events is beyond your everyday run-of-the-mill venue. Toni and her team do everything possible to make their couples’ wedding their dream come true. To further that goal, they also offer a full service floral studio and wedding decor. When we worked together on their Done-For-You Dubsado Setup, they were still under construction and planning to open very soon. For an owner as dedicated to detail as Toni was, we knew our project needed to:

• Create an interim waitlist process to be used until the venue’s official opening
• Make tours easy to book and accessible to all
• Streamline the venue rental booking & make it easy to add on florals and decor
• Accommodate different steps for catering being booked in-house or externally

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jaw-dropping results

The results of a Dubsado Setup are tangible. We can literally calculate the amount of time and money saved, year over year. Check out Mill Pond Estate’s amazing outcomes:

• 455% Return on Investment
• 92% of client experience tasks are now automated
• Countless hours saved scheduling venue tours with leads
• 258 hours saved per on booked client experience execution tasks
• $6,450 saved annually on administrative tasks

my solution

I don’t always recommend a Dubsado Setup to owners who are brand new and haven’t even quite opened their business yet, but Toni was an exception. She knew she wanted to curate an experience for her clients that was really *special*. So she came in to our Process Mapping Session knowing exactly what needed to happen, every step of the way. We worked together to translate those steps from her vision to an actual tangible system in Dubsado.

I created a workflow to accommodate a wait list of people she had already been collecting, so that they could easily get tours scheduled and then receive booking information as soon as they were ready to open. This workflow was simple and able to be put to work right away while the rest of the setup was completed.

Then I created workflows for use once the venue launched- including allowing couples to inquire about the venue, book a tour, select the space they wanted, add on extras, and book, all with just a few clicks. Mill Pond Estate allowed couples to either use in-house catering, or to use external catering- but there were different fees and requirements associated with those two options.

I created 2 distinct workflow branches that would add the appropriate form to the client’s portal, depending on which catering option the client selected. If they selected in-house catering, the client would be asked to select a menu. If they selected external catering, they’d be asked to upload their caterer’s license and would receive automatic reminders until it was submitted.

This set of workflows was incredibly simple for Toni to manage, while providing much needed assurance and support to make sure that the venue is always operating within required guidelines.

I also built-in an add-on proposal to be sent automatically as the event dates approach so that clients could choose to add on florals or anything else from Mill Pond Estate’s extensive decor catalog. I used third party conditional logic coding to ensure that this add-on form was comprehensive, without being overwhelming to the client. Not only was this a way to help couple’s customize their day, but it helped Toni generate additional revenue for Mill Pond Estate with 0 extra work. Now THAT’S what I call a win-win.

Mill Pond Estate’s setup featured:

• 9 workflows, containing a total of 29 emails, 9 forms, and 3 schedulers designed to make everyone’s life easier
• Code-free form designs to match the client’s brand
• Easy-to-work-with coding for conditional logic in specific forms

client love note

“I can finally relax. Cait knows what she’s doing. She is thorough she takes the time to really know your business. [Before hiring Cait, I was afraid of] still having to do a ton of work to make Dubsado work for my business. I actually haven’t opened Dubsado in two days as opposed to spending hours in it daily. It’s set up now to work on its own. My time spent inside of Dubsado has been cut down by more than half and I haven’t even implemented everything she has set up for me. My business is now able to run itself.”

-Toni Miller

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