SuiteDash Reviews, Pricing, and Roadmap

Suitedash is an all-in-one business platform that eliminates the pain of setting up, learning, and paying for a mishmash of separate software tools. If you’re wondering if the platform is too good to be true, read through the SuiteDash reviews I’ve compiled.

SuiteDash Review: Does It Really Include All Software Needed?

Yes, for most small businesses, SuiteDash includes everything needed to manage team and client communication, task management, file management, contracts, invoicing, scheduling, course management, email marketing and more. 

Screenshot of managed tasks included in this SuiteDash review blog post.

With SuiteDash you’ll no longer need to pay for:

  • Asana, ClickUp, BaseCamp, or other PM tools
  • Slack and other chat tools
  • QuickBooks, FreshBooks, or other accounting tools
  • MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, or other email marketing tools
  • DropBox, Box, or other file management tools
  • Calendly, Acuity, or other scheduling tools
  • JotForm, TypeForm, or other form tools
  • Thinkific, Kajabi, or other course management tools
  • HelloSign, DocuSign, or other e-signature tools
  • … and more other tools 
Screenshot of SuiteDash project dashboard discussed in this SuiteDash review blog post.

The average solopreneur is paying $291 per month on this mix of software tools and would pay just $99 per month with a SuiteDash account! 

A team of two is paying on average $1164 per month for two seats on each of these platforms and would pay just $99 per month with a SuiteDash account! 

The savings scale as a team grows with SuiteDash, whereas with other platforms, it’s the cost that scales up. 

That sounds amazing, but then the next question that comes to mind is, how reliable and easy to use is the platform? 

You’ll find plenty of glowing SuiteDash reviews on their website, like this one:

“The CRM is really handy for managing my contacts all in one place as well as being able to manage the contact’s projects and tasks all in the same dashboard.” -Sharpened P via G2

But what about unbiased SuiteDash reviews?

SuiteDash Reviews From All Around the Web 

When it comes to reviewing SuiteDash reviews from all around the web, I found about 1,000 five-star reviews! 

Let’s take a look at positive SuiteDash reviews as well as some of the more critical ones. 

Positive SuiteDash Reviews 

On the reputable G2 review site, Garret G. says:

“SuiteDash is the best-valued software that I have ever seen! The biggest benefit is that it eliminates the need for so many other sofrwares for a killer deal. I love their attitude of unlimited CRM contacts and unlimited employees. 

It also consolidates all of our data into one place, which has made my life infinitely easier. 

Before SuiteDash we had so many other softwares that I had Frankensteined together with a combination of APIs and Zapier. 

I am amazed at how fast SuiteDash rolls out improvements and additions to the software. They really listen to the community and develop solutions to the community’s problems. I feel like SuiteDash is an investment because each new release of features is saving our company time and money.

The automation in SuiteDash has eliminated lots of human error and saved us so much time, money and effort. 

The only downside to SuiteDash (although it’s not really a negative at all) is it is such a complete all-in-one software there are so many things to learn about it. If you start using SuiteDash to only solve one problem, you will be pleasantly surprised to learn it can make running a business infinitely easier and more automated.”

Here is another SuiteDash review from Cherisa C.:

SuiteDash has what you need under one umbrella. CRM, Proposals, Contracts, Project Management, and an LMS at one place. It eliminates the need for multiple passwords, subscriptions, and knowledge of how a system works. 

Sometimes there is a short lag time. For instance, when refreshing a page, but it isn’t an issue for productivity. The benefits outweigh everything else. I’m sure it will be resolved in time. (It’s probably my Internet.)

You can also find 392 SuiteDash reviews on the Capterra website, including this 4-star review from Aeryn:

“SuiteDash has helped me streamline my daily business tasks, and has even saved me money, since I could cancel a multitude of subscriptions that handled the same tasks separately (invoicing in particular, but also a few project management tools.”

You can also read through 238 SuiteDash reviews on the AppSumo Website including this one:

 “Developers of SUiteDash went above and beyond to create an amazing program to suit every business venture that needs a CRM. And even if you think you do not need one, believe me you do. SuiteDash has everything, so you can have your business on autopilot tomorrow.” -Aleksander K. 

But of course not every review can be a glowing review, so next let’s take a look at some of the more critical SuiteDash reviews. 

Critical SuiteDash Reviews 

There are over 450 SuiteDash reviews on the G2 website, and of those 415 of the reviews are 5-star. 

Of the 35 4-star reviews of SuiteDash, the common theme is there there is a bit of a learning curve and that it is not yet compliant in certain industries that have tight regulation. 

Of the three 1-star reviews, one person was upset about SCA compliance in Europe. 

Another person was upset because he didn’t realize he had autopay setup, although SuiteDash provided him with a full refund when he requested it. 

The third person who gave a 1-star review  liked that SuiteDash is a “feature rich platform with CRM and other useful capabilities.” However, “everything loads too slow, and it has been two years with no improvement to loading speed issue.” 

Similarly, on Capterra there are over 450 reviews and the only two 1-star reviews. 

One says, “SuiteDash is a great platform when it works. Granted, it’s slower than a stoned snail, and it’s not winning any beauty awards anytime soon, but it’s open, and there’s buckets of potential.”

The other one-star SuiteDash review is from almost three years ago and says, “When I want to create an invoice it can take 4-6 minutes for one to load. It’s like their servers are in slow-mo.”

Of the 238 reviews on the AppSumo website there are 6 one-star reviews but only one that is recent-ish (April 6, 2022):

“It could be so amazing if it wasn’t so slow. Each page load takes a minute or more and my clients won’t use it because it was just spinning. A page finally loaded after 10 minutes!! I’m very sad because other than the slowness, the product is exactly what I wanted. And I’m out of the refund window after contacting support about the slowness many times. Too slow to be effective.” -Debbi Sherman 

Mike, the founder of SuiteDash, replied to this review saying that the platform should not take 1 minute or 10 minutes to load, and that it sounds like the user was experiencing an isolated bug that affected a few accounts that were all resolved with the help of the SuiteDash suppor team. 

SuiteDash Pricing & RoadMap

After reading through the positive and critical SuiteDash reviews, you should feel more equipped to make a decision on if you want to use SuiteDash. 

The great news is you can get started with a 14-day free trial to see if it’s right for you! 

After that you can join by paying monthly or yearly …. or you can buy a lifetime subscription! 

If it looks like SuiteDash offers just about everything you need but one or two features are missing, check out the SuiteDash RoadMap

In the SuiteDash roadmap you’ll find all of the feature enhancements and new features in development. You’ll also be able to suggest new features, and vote on features other users have submitted. 

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