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Dubsado Services Pricing Kit

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How much do I charge? What is this service worth? How am I going to get clients to pay my prices? Answering these questions is no easy feat, but now you don’t have to worry about whether you’re charging the right price or not. This calculator spreadsheet workbook will help you determine what you’re worth and get you charging consistent pricing!


  • Expense estimating to help you determine how much money you need to support your life and run your business
  • Space to input stats SPECIFIC to the Dubsado Setup industry so that you can account for the factors that matter
  • An actual quote generator that will tell you exactly what to charge for custom DFY Setups
  • Suggested pricing for many other common types of Dubsado services including Strategy Sessions, Audits, VIP Days, and more!
  • A summary analysis tab to help you track and verify that you are tracking the right numbers and charging the right amount!


A quote generator customized to your business that you can use for client after client!


You will receive the link to a 5-tab Google Spreadsheet that you can copy to your account to fill in your own information.

All products are meant to be used inside your own business and it is illegal to use them with other accounts, share, or redistribute them.

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