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Impact Actual needed an expert’s advice, and fast, on what systems to use to bring their whole-person coaching business to the next level.

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Needs Analysis & Tech Stack Recommendation


Impact Actual is a whole-person development firm led by retired US Navy Seal Rob DuBois. Impact Actual uses live and online tools, training, and coaching to help individuals improve their body, mind, heart, and soul. They use a team of coaches, and were in the midst of a re-launch when they contacted me, knowing that they needed someone to help them figure out how to bring all of their moving pieces together holistically. Our goals were to:

• Understand the full client experience from inquiry to finish for their signature program, Unchained
• Evaluate whether current tools in their belt could be used
• Identify new tools that would bring an additional layer of sophistication to their operations

jaw-dropping results

This wasn’t a quick conversation or a quick reccommendation based on software I already love, this was an in-depth dive into the business and an unbiased look at what systems could meet their needs. Impact Actual received:

• 2 complete tech stack recommendations with details on costs, pros, and cons
• Return on Investment for the research and report: 1033%
• Estimated 113 admin hours to be saved by implementing systems for this one service
• The ability to automate 91% of their tasks with either tech stack recommendation

my solution

The project began with a Process Mapping Session to walk through every single step of both the client experience and the backend operational requirements. This allowed me to identify a complete list Impact Actual’s needs and to then sort those needs by priority and category.

Once the list of needs was gathered, I researched systems by category in order to identify the tools that met the MOST needs and could therefore provide the best solution for Impact Actual. This consisted of a preliminary review of 20 systems, followed by a deep dive review of 9 systems split up among the categories CRM, Content management, and Calendar management.

Once the feature review was complete, I developed 2 complete tech stack recommendations designed to meet as many of their needs as possible, while also taking into account price, easy of use, and other important factors.

All of this information was compiled into a report for the client to be able to learn all of the same information I did and to make an educated decision on the systems that they should invest in to allow them to grow.

Deliverables Included:

• Detailed process map
• Detailed Needs Analysis
• Preliminary Feature Review
• Full Feature Review
• Detailed listing of system Pros & Cons
• 2 complete Tech Stack recommendations
• Final report to bring it all together in laymen’s terms.

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