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“Could I do it? Sure. But I could also go to medical school, and I haven’t signed up for that as yet. I think Cait is my solution to sanity.”

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Custom Dashboard Creation in Airtable


Sarah is beast of a business owner living in Charleston. She is a photographer, officiant, mom, and all around badass. We first met and worked together on a full Done-For-You Dubsado Setup, but after about a year, Sarah came back needing a way to better see all of her financials behind-the-scenes of her business so that she could meet her financial goals. She came to me with the goals to:

• See how much income is projected per month, based on current bookings
• Know how much of her revenue needs to be kept in trust until the job is executed
• Create better visibility of her finances so that she can live the Profit First ethos
• Have an overall better view of business and personal finances

see for yourself

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jaw-dropping results

Dashboards aren’t just pretty extras in your business, they are the KEY to understanding trends in your business and making smart financial decisions. With this dashboard, Sarah now has:

• 28 datapoints pulled together in an understandable way from multiple systems in her business
• The ability to do financial longitudinal analysis on her business in a way that Dubsado can’t allow
• Hours upon hours saved per month by not needing to manually gathre and input data in order to see all of this information

my solution

I believe in wildly powerful dashboards that are easy to use and glean information from. When Sarah came to me with her goals, she was willing to manually enter all the data needed once or twice a month, because that manual entry would be better than not having visibility at all. But, if you know me at all, you know I avoid manual work at all costs, whenever possible.

To set up Sarah’s requested dashboard, I used Zapier to connect Dubsado to Airtable. Zapier is automatically pulling data from Dubsado when a new lead inquires, when a client books, when their job is completed, and when they make a payment. As a bonus, I also set up a Zaps to pull all of Live Wilder Studio’s Google Reviews into the Airtable Dashboard, as well as to pull tasks completed from ClickUp in ad tie them to specific client projects so she can track her time more holistically.

This means that there are only 2 things that Sarah needs to enter manually each month: her actual expenses and her feelings at the end of each job (which is an optional extra journaling chart that I put into her dashboard so she could get a sense of what she consistently enjoys and what she consistently doesn’t).

The rest of her data is completely automated. She’s now able to see her revenue earned, how much of that is retainers for jobs not yet completed, how much needs to be kept in trust, how much money she has coming in each month per job type, which types of services take the most time relative to the revenue earned, and has easy access to google reviews so she can mine that information for social media strategy and website updates.

Here’s what else we implemented:

• 10 Zaps connecting Dubsado, ClickUp, and Google Reviews to Airtable
• ClickUp service type list templates for her to track her time
• An overall financial dashboard, booking management dashboard, address book, and job calendar in Airtable for easy reference

client love note

“Cait is whip smart! She is super time efficient so I never felt like the time was being wasted. I was shocked at how fast she pulled in what I was struggling to articulate out loud. I want to invest in this service because there is no way I could replicate her talent and I really feel she might be the best at it on the interwebs. Could I do it? Sure. But I could also go to medical school, and I haven’t signed up for that as yet. I think Cait is my solution to sanity.”

-Sarah MacDonald

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