Return on Investment with a System Strategist

Once you’ve got a beautifully set up system with automation and organization all built-in, it’s easy to understand what your return on investment with a System Strategist, but it’s kind of hard to conceptualize all that when you’re still noodling on the decision.

The thing is, I can SHOW you how much money you GAIN by choosing to invest in a system strategist, and I’m not keeping that information secret, I’m sharing it with you here in an easy-to-understand Return on Investment walkthrough.

One day I hope to have a live dashboard that shows all of this information based on CURRENT clients served, but until then, we’ll have to settle on this image that I’ll *try* to remember to come back here and update every so often.

As of the time of publishing this blog, it’s February 2023, and I’ve served 7 clients so far this year. The stats you see below are based on THOSE clients.

In Conclusion

The long and the short of it is that for every $1 that a client invests with me, they get back $4 AT MINIMUM. I’ve had clients get back as much as $70 (SEVENTY) dollars for each dollar spent with me. Most clients can expect to get about a $30 return on each dollar invested with me.

That’s a pretty big deal, right? How many other service providers can you definitively quantify your time saved and profit from working with? I’m incredibly proud to be able to PROVE to you the value that I can bring to your business. I absolutely love knowing that my passion creates tangible results for my clients, not just willy-nilly assumptions.

So if you’ve considered investing in a System Strategist but haven’t been able to justify it because you aren’t sure it’ll be worth it, I hope that this Return on Investment analysis makes you feel more confident in that decision!

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