HoneyBook Reviews: What Service Providers Are Saying 

HoneyBook is an all-in-one platform for service providers who want to streamline and automate their lead and client workflows. If you are considering signing up for an account, read through the HoneyBook reviews in this post to see what other service providers have to say.

Key Features of HoneyBook

While you’re reading through the HoneyBook reviews below, you’ll hear about these core features of the platform:

Proposals – easily book new clients by sending a HoneyBook proposal that contains your invoice and contract. 

Online Payments – make it easy for clients to pay you via credit/debit cards or bank transfers with HoneyBook’s payment portal. 

Scheduling – Skip all the back-and-forth “are you available on…” emails and book meetings 2X faster by setting your availability in HoneyBook and allowing clients to book a meeting at their convenience. 

Smart Files – Create interactive file templates for pricing guides, service guides, welcome packets, timelines, feedback forms, and more that can be reused over and over. 

Automation – Set up customized rules that trigger automated workflows for emails, files, and tasks! 

HoneyBook Reviews

You can find HoneyBook reviews and testimonials on their website, however, as you might suspect HoneyBook is only sharing glowing reviews. 

To find more balanced reviews, we can look at a site like G2 which is dedicated to providing unbiased software reviews for many platforms, including HoneyBook. 

Most HoneyBook reviews are positive, even on G2

HoneyBook Reviews on the G2 Website showing 81 5-Star Reviews out of 106 total reviews.

Let’s dive into some of the most helpful 5-Star HoneyBook reviews: 

“I love the way HoneyBook has everything you need in one platform. I can take payments, sign contracts, and manage questionnaires all in one place. I also love how I can access it from my phone.” -Anna B., photographer 

“I really like how simple it is to send invoices to my clients, and it really helps me keep track of the process each client is in, so I know exactly what stage we are, what we are working on for that client, and if I need to send out any updates. It is also extremely helpful for leads. If I get a new lead it reminds me to follow up with them.” – Aaron L., videographer 

“I love how simple HoneyBook is to use and especially how it tracks our project process and email communication! We have multiple designs assigned to projects and the fact that HoneyBook tracks the email communication for you is AMAZING! It keeps everyone on the project up-to-date and informed. No more searching for emails in your inbox!” -Michelle M., designer 

“[What I like most about HoneyBook are] the easy to edit templates & contracts. I love having everyone in one place and the smart files enhance my customer experience. I seriously wouldn’t know what to use if HoneyBook didn’t exist!” -Klare P., photographer 

Now let’s look at some critical HoneyBook reviews:

“They have zero customer service. I was trying to get help solving the CRM issues needed within my client workflow. I have not gotten any help at all from this company, and have decided to go elsewhere for help.” -Jonathan F, photographer 

“It was really confusing to set up and to get to the forms and templates. There were way too many clicks to get what you needed.” -Sarah M, graphic designer 

“There was no way to provide cash payment information or input received payments via Venmo or Paypal, which I found a bit of an inconvenience.” – Anonymous, graphic designer 

The most common user complaint:

When reading through HoneyBook reviews, the most common user complaint was related to the platform’s payment processing fees. 

“My only dislike is the high fees for using the invoicing system for payments and how long it takes to receive the payment. They charge you if you want to get your money instantly.”

“The processing and instant deposit fees seem high compared to other companies.”

“If I have to pick something I dislike about HoneyBook, it would be the additional fees for processing payments. I understand most services add this on, but a smaller percentage would be so nice!” 

“I would love for the payment processing fees to be less or quicker deposit time.”

“I truly do not dislike anything other than processing fees but that’s pretty standard.”

In response to this feedback, HoneyBook updated its transaction fees in December of 2022 to be more competitive:

In response to HoneyBook reviews that complained about transaction fees, HoneyBook updated their fees in December of 2022.

With this latest update, HoneyBook now has the lowest transaction fees. 

Not only is this pleasant news, but it’s a great sign that the company is open to taking feedback and implementing changes to improve the customer experience! 

Should You Use HoneyBook for Your Business?

If you like the sound of the platform after reading through the features and reviews, it would be a great idea to sign up for an account and put it to the test during their free trial! 

When you sign up for an account using my code XOCAIT you’ll receive a discount on the platform if you continue using it after your free trial ends. 

If you decide to use the platform but don’t have the time or know-how to set it up properly, check out my HoneyBook Services. I’d love to do the heavy lifting for you! 

A Special Invite for System Strategists

If you are a system strategist evaluating whether you should recommend HoneyBook to your clients, you can also sign up for an account using my code XOCAIT to receive a discount while you put the platform through its paces. 

If you already know you want to use HoneyBook, I have a special offer for you! 

Join The Dub Club, my membership just for system strategists, where I share my best tips for improving your client experience and growing your revenue. You’ll also receive a behind-the-scenes look at how I run my multiple-six-figure-per-year consulting business. 

As a member of The Dub Club, you’ll be able to join the HoneyBook Educator Program, which gives you a FREE HoneyBook account! 

You can also join the FREE System Expert Collaborative Facebook community

Each month the community is treated to a System Spotlight where representatives of cutting-edge platforms are invited to prevent their system to you. This presentation is value-packed because you’ll be able to ask your questions live and receive an immediate answer! 

HoneyBook was demonstrated inside of the System Expert Collaborative and allowed for members to ask about:

  • Product updates and new features in the pipeline 
  • If the platform would work for specific use case scenarios 
  • How the platform stacks up against other similar platforms 
  • …. And so much more 

A new platform is demoed for members each month – be sure to join us for the next one

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