PLEASE, step into my office! yes, really.

Okay ya’ll, it’s time to get personal. You probably don’t know this about me, but I absolutely LOVE my house and my absolute favorite room is MY OFFICE! This was the first room in my new house that I finished when I moved in and it is just everything I’ve ever wanted. What are we waiting for?? Step into my office!

Before I show you the “Before”

I need you to understand something. My first home was about what you’d expect for a starter home- 1000 square feet, 2 bedrooms, tiny closets, NO space for an office. SO, the couch was my office.

Since this wasn’t a pretty space and I’ve since moved, I don’t have any great photos of where I used to work, so pretty much the ONLY photo I can find is from when I got a new couch, but my living room isn’t all that clean in the picture (as you’ll see). All I have to say is…


And now, the BEFORE:

When you live in a tiny house, all rooms are multi-purpose. I used to work at the end of the couch, leaning over the arm on to that little Ikea desk. It wasn’t always the most comfortable, but it was the only space we had.


My office, emerald sitting chair, blush desk chair, walnut and gold ikea desk, gold accents

Last April, 2 days after my birthday, I moved into the house of MY DREAMS! Seriously. I’ll have to do a walk through of the whole house for you one day, but let’s take this one room at a time.

When I was house hunting for my second (and probably forever) home, I was just hoping for 3 bedrooms- one for me, one for guests, and one for an office. What I ended up with was soooo much more than that. See, I think that one of the things that makes this space so amazing is that it’s INTENDED to be used as an office, rather than a converted bedroom. I never dreamed I would have a space like this! I mean, LOOK AT THESE FRENCH DOORS!

Office french doors

My favorite piece…

Part of the reason I used to sit on my couch to work rather than having a desk shoved in a corner was because my couch was SO MUCH MORE COMFORTABLE than a desk chair. So I knew that in this space I wanted to have a comfy chair where I could work in case I wasn’t feeling the desk vibe on any given day. I am normally all about pink, but when I saw this deep emerald green VELVET chair at Ikea… I couldn’t say no.

Green chair, gold lamp

Ikea was honestly a huge part of this office and it wasn’t intentional at all. The drawers to the left of the green chair is an Alex unit from Ikea. I had 2 of them at my old house and knew that they could continue to be super useful in this space. The other one now sits under the shorter side of my desk… which brings me to… MY DESK!

The Desk

Blush chair, walnut desk

I totally lucked out in finding this GORGEOUS piece of COUNTERTOP in Ikea’s “as is” section. One little cut with my circular saw and a few brackets turned a kitchen countertop into a beautiful desk custom-made for this exact space. The legs (wheeled set, trestle set) are also from Ikea, all they needed was a bottle of gold spray paint!

The white cabinet behind the desk is actually a children’s wardrobe from Ikea. That was another piece I brought with me from my old house, but there it was the coat closet ?. Just switched out the knobs for gold ones to match the other accessories in the room!

The Desk Chair

Blush desk chair

The blush desk chair was a lucky find at Home Goods/TJ Maxx back in May, but it’s now January of the next year and that chair actually broke with me sitting in it??? So now I’m on the hunt for a new one! Hopefully this time I can find one with gold accents instead of silver!

So there are all the major pieces:

The desk

The desk chair

Plenty of storage

A comfortable sitting chair

It’s all in the details!

Once I had all the basics, all that was left to do was filter in all the little touches that bring the space together and make it ME!

Make today a good day sign, lenses, The Knot Best of Weddings Award
gold accents, pink flamingos, gold mirror, black and gold light fixture
Make today a good day
  1. Julia Clarkson says:

    I want to be like you when I grow up! lol Your resources are amazing and I’m so thankful that you are sharing with those of us who strive to be at your level of expertise one day!

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