How to Keep Client Notes in Dubsado

Keeping comprehensive client notes is essential for any business. Whether it’s to ensure you cover all necessary points during a meeting, present information in a user-friendly format, or easily share insights with your team, having organized client notes is a game-changer. In this blog, we’ll explore how Dubsado’s dynamic questionnaires can be used to achieve this efficiently. Say goodbye to scattered notes, as we guide you through the process of creating, templatizing, and sharing client notes within Dubsado.

Dubsado provides a built-in notes area on each project, but its limited customization options may not fully meet your needs. Instead, leverage Dubsado’s powerful questionnaires to design, templatize, and structure your client notes exactly as you prefer.

Benefits of Using Dubsado Questionnaires for Client Notes:

  1. Customization: Tailor your questionnaires to fit your business’s specific note-taking requirements. Add as many questions and fields as needed, ensuring you cover all essential details during client interactions.
  2. Templatization: Save time and effort by creating standardized note templates. Avoid repetitive note-taking and maintain consistency across your client base.
  3. Confidentiality: With the “Apply to Project Only” option, you can guarantee that your client notes remain private. Share only relevant information with your team for enhanced collaboration.
  4. Easy Access: Access your questionnaires directly within Dubsado’s platform, ensuring seamless note-keeping and client management.

Step 1: Creating Your Custom Client Notes Questionnaire

Navigate to “Templates” and select “Forms” in your Dubsado account. Here, you can create a new questionnaire tailored to your specific note-keeping requirements. Add questions and note fields that you want to include in your client notes. The flexibility of Dubsado questionnaires allows you to design a format that suits your unique business needs! You can even create and map custom fields to store key information on their profile after you’ve submitted the form.

Step 2: Streamline Workflow with Automation

Take it a step further and save time by automating the process. Within your workflow template, create a step to “send form” as part of your client interaction process. By selecting “Apply to Project Only,” you can ensure that only you and your team have access to the form, maintaining confidentiality and professionalism.

Step 3: Use the Questionnaire to keep Client Notes in Dubsado

Now, when the workflow is applied to the client project, the notes questionnaire will be automatically applied to the project.

Click “View” and then “Open” to open up the questionnaire in a new tab that you can then fully edit and fill in!

When you’re done, hit “Save Draft” or “Submit” to save the information! If you use the “Submit” button, you can even workflow additional steps to happen after you’re done with your notes. Seriously, this unlocks a whole lot of automagic!

Cool hack, right?

Dubsado questionnaires offer a powerful solution for streamlining client notes and enhancing organization within your business. Say goodbye to generic note-taking and embrace the customization and templatization features that Dubsado provides. By creating tailored questionnaires, automating the process, and ensuring confidentiality, you can elevate your client interactions and collaboration with your team.

Stay ahead in your business by leveraging Dubsado’s dynamic questionnaires for keeping comprehensive client notes. Whether you need to present information effectively, streamline your workflow, or ensure accurate client data, Dubsado has you covered.

Ready to optimize your client notes organization with Dubsado? Check out the System Starter Kit to explore more Dubsado tips and unleash the full potential of this versatile platform for your business success.

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