Dashboards help you see the big picture, the trends that are happening in your business. Being able to see those trends is the primary way that you can make STRATEGIC decisions about what comes next, so you can grow & scale.

The custom dashboard package includes:

Creation of 1-3 beautiful, easy-to-use-and-understand Airtable Dashboards using Airtable's Interface Designer (or Google Sheets)

1 Airtable Base designed with the fields required to track key information required to supply data to the dashboard.

Automation creation and implementation to help with keeping the dashboard up-to-date and keeping you aware of trends in your business.

BONUS! Creation of Zaps to get data from your CRM into Airtable automatically, so that you don't have to manually manage data entry in order to have real-time statistics in your dashboard.

BONUS! 2 weeks Slack support

You'll Leave with:

Beautiful, business-enhancing visual dashboard(s) that helps you see what's going on in your business so you can make strategic decisions.

your custom CRM dashboard bringing all your biz data together is only


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“Could I do it? Sure. But I could also go to medical school, and I haven’t signed up for that as yet. I think Cait is my solution to sanity.”

why work with me?


I have spent yeeearrss creating beautiful, easy-to-use Airtable bases that help busy teams streamline their work! If you need a better way to organize your data, streamline your workflows, automate admin tasks, and set up reporting dashboards, I can get it done for you, quickly and efficiently (with just the right amount of geeky enthusiasm)! 

xo, Cait

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wait wait wait, i gotta question.

what kind of dashboards can you make?

Well, what kind of data do you have? As long as there's proper real-time data to plug in, I can make
  • income dashboards, 
  • time management dashboards, 
  • service / job analysis dashboards, 
  • lead analysis dashboards, 

and more. If you'd like more robust dashboards based on more than CRM data, we can discuss a custom quote.

can i use a different dashboard system?

I prefer to create my custom dashboards in Airtable because I think it gives you the BEST end result. You are able to get all of the beautiful dashboarding capabilities in a FREE plan. That means you only need to sign up for a paid Zapier in order to get the most out of this service. That said, if you would prefer, your dashboard could also be created in Google Sheets. I do not work in any other systems to create whole-business-analysis dashboards. Paid Zapier is required either way.

Do I have to already use Airtable in my biz?

NO! Airtable is an amazing Data Management tool with incredibly robust integrations and Zapier options. That means that if the CRM  you're already using plays nicely with Zapier, we'll be able to get the majority of information from your main CRM over to Airtable and to create robust auto-updating dashboard(s) from that information. Your need to operate Airtable will be minimal, and a free plan will work great! Paid Zapier is required.

automatically gather the data you need

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done-for-you airtable setup

Does setting up Airtable to make it work for your complicated business sound like your worst nightmare? Sounds like my dream. Let me take that off your plate.

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custom dashboard creation

Sick of checking a million places to know what's going on in your biz? Let's build a dashboard that pulls in data automatically to give you a bird’s eye view of your biz.

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strategy session

Just need some direction to get going in the right direction? I'll tell you exactly what to do to get your workflows to match the process you've got in your head!

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