7 ways to be productive in self-quarantine!

The winter is typically downtime for wedding professionals, a great time to get all kinds of back-end business things done. But by March, you’re probably back in the thick of things- taking client meetings to get more booked and starting to do engagement sessions, etc. With the COVID-19 crisis, you might be finding yourself back at home, stressed out about the business you may or may not be losing.

Rather than sit there and needlessly stew on stressing, make it a second winter! Get the CRITICAL things done that you just didn’t get to while you were enjoying some much deserved time off. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Get or update your liability insurance. Maybe you haven’t been working much so you thought you didn’t need insurance, or maybe you’ve purchased more assets over the winter via Black Friday sales. Whatever the case, talk to an insurance agent and make sure your business insurance is up-to-snuff!
  2. Make sure your workflow is reflective of the experience you want this year’s couples to experience! Maybe you’re still referring them to an old blog post to prepare for their engagement session that you have since updated, maybe you haven’t touched your Pinterest boards in a few months. Just make sure that EVERYTHING the client receives both automagically and manually is 100% up to snuff! If you need some guidance getting this updated, check out my Workflow Strategy Sessions!
  3. Organize your physical space! Whether it’s an office or the couch, clean up those stacks of papers, buy a new organizer on Amazon (or from a local shop) and have it shipped to pick up all of those little things that tend to stack up- like paper clips and pens, and ear phones.
  4. Write or schedule out some social media posts! These could be posts that you’re going to use immediately, or maybe you want to create a little safety bank of them for yourself so that when you’re totally swamped, you don’t have to think too much about what you need to post day-to-day.
  5. In that same vein, write some educational blog posts! Educational content is evergreen, so you can post it at anytime and it will be useful for years to come. A quick google of your industry can give you some awesome ideas of questions to answer for your clientele.
  6. Make a plan to get that new product launched! You may be sitting on an AWESOME idea for how to monetize another piece of your business. STOP thinking about it and just DO IT! If there’s anything this crisis has taught us, it’s that diversifying is good- hella good.
  7. Deep clean the whole house! When’s the last time you dusted your baseboards? Wiped down the fridge shelves? Wiped down the high traffic doors that inevitably get smudged? Washed the windows (especially where your furry friends like to stick their nose)? Your urge to be productive in your business will only INCREASE as your surrounding space reflects that ability to be organized.

Even still, there’s one more thing that may be the most productive for you- WIND DOWN! Maybe the best thing some of you can do is take a moment to actually *rest*. Maybe you spent allllll winter preparing for a record-breaking year and you’re already feeling tired or burnt out. If that’s the case, check out these 7 ways you can have some fun during this time!

I hope you find this list helpful and that you turn this FREE time into PRODUCTIVE time!

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